Welcome to C X N T R A S T.

DBH is dead. Well, sorta. 
I decided to let go of the URL 'deadbeathustler' for my blog today. I want to say this decision came from some profound reasoning as to why I didn't feel the name would be fitting anymore, but in reality, I forgot to renew my domain name. Like, I legit can't get it back without paying a shit ton of money so......yeah. 

But I digress, even though this is the honest truth of why my URL is changing YET AGAIN....I did want to overhaul the identity of this blog and myself as a creative individual, for a long time. I just wasn't sure what that overhaul would entail. For those of you who may remember the blog's first URL (caffeineplz), I had decided about a year ago that it was no longer fitting to what I wanted to represent. I had used the online handle 'DBH' aka 'DEADBEATHUSTLER' for quite some time on other social platforms and thought it only made sense if this blog used that name. But as time went on, I realized DBH wasn't the identity of THIS BLOG. My Tumblr, maybe, but this blog was definitely not 'DBH' and what that identity represented. DBH is a persona. It's a part of me that wants to express my mind, but that's not exactly what this blog was trying to be. This blog was to represent the passionate side of my life: design, photography, and all things creative. Therefore, the name change no longer made sense to me. But not all hope is lost. 

They say third time's the charm, right? Yeah, it's kinda bullshit but whatever. I created this space to put my creative side out there but still retain my personality, and trying to find that balance has been nothing short of a struggle. But that's the beauty of our individuality. We have the freedom to create ourselves. And so, with all that said, I want to re-introduce to you all a REFRESH. I welcome you to CXNTRAST (contrast).

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