League of Legends Player Banners: Batch #2

A while back I made these Player Banner Cards and wanted to keep going and make as many as possible. I just enjoy making them since I rarely get to do any design work with video games and I'm not an illustrator by any means. And as much as I would love to make my own original art, I'm just not that kind of artist. But making something as seemingly simple as these little banners kind of fulfill that want to design and be creative with gaming. 

As you'll notice from the first batch, these came out a little different but not by much. I got rid of the ranking border because I felt like it was giving special treatment to higher level friends over lower ones and that's not the point of these. I'm thinking about optimizing the size and positioning of the text so that they fit nicely for Facebook cover images. I originally intended these to be like forum signatures but really, I just like making the splash art look to my liking. This batch was also a lot cleaner than the last so that's something I'll probably revise in the last one. 

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