Fauxto Spotlight: Danelle

Yo! I'm starting a new section on my blog called "FAUXTO SPOTLIGHT" (pronounced "photo" btw) to bring back the original flavor and reason I made this blog. I mean, although design is my obvious niche, I kinda started this blog because of my interest in photography, so it seemed only fair to make it one of the main highlights. One of my first photo sessions was with this lovely and talented singer, Danelle

Danelle is a natural! Seriously, this girl has all the finesse of a model, no doubt. Since Danelle is a singer, she knows a thing or two about speaking from the heart. Her music is very 'moody' which is reflected in her sultry and airy voice. I wanted to capture that same essence in these photographs because I think that photographs can say a lot about a person. But I have to be honest, I'm not well versed in photographing portraits so this was somewhat of a challenge. At the same time I enjoyed it a lot. I can definitely see why many photographers love shooting portraits because capturing human emotion is kind of amazing. Anyway, check out some of her music here, she's seriously talented. Plus, this girl can sing AND she plays the guitar! Superstar in the making.
Model: Danelle
Location: Los Angeles

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