DBH Style: Simple and Clean

If you had to ask me to define my style, I would want to say it's pretty similar to my design aesthetics. I really like clean, simple with just pops of color here and there. Sometimes I get drawn to really crazy colors and designs but as I get older, I lean more towards simplicity. I'm also not a very trendy person. I love fashion but I could care less for trends. Personally, I'm just trying to build a staple wardrobe where most of my pieces will be timeless. That way, I can re-use clothes for a couple of years and not feel like I'm completely out of style. Anyway, I've yet to talk about my personal style on my blog but as I'm realizing how it reflects my overall aesthetics as a designer, I figured I might as well introduce it. But be warned: About 80% of my clothes are from Uniqlo. That place is pretty much my second home. {I try not to cross paths with this website or store too often because I'll seriously hurt my wallet here.}

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