#9: Just Beatz: The Hip Hop Instrumental Playlist (Volume I) 

You know what it is! This one's special because it consists of one of my all-time favorite genres -- HIP HOP of course! If you didn't know already, Hip Hop music is probably my #1 genre of music, although I have grown to love all types. I listen to a lot of electro and fusion genres. Most of the time I'm mellowing out to electro / new wave type stuff (as seen in most of my other playlists) but Hip Hop will always have this special place in my heart.

This mix is all about Instrumentals. I realize that I'm not a huge fan of RAP. I know, I know. It's kinda weird but I've always been all about the melody in music. I say it's "weird" because most people I know dig lyrics more than anything else (in terms of Hip Hop I mean...) and that makes sense. I mean most people like Rap music because lyrically, the songs tell a story. And even though yes, I love hearing the lyrics, I've just always been more about the melody and the BEAT. I don't know if you can tell from previous playlists, but I'm all about that BEAT. Rhythms put me in certain moods and Hip Hop beats have always resonated with me, especially when they have a certain vibe I dig. 

These Instrumentals aren't just simply my 'fav' tracks, they are handpicked by yours truly to showcase the type of 'vibe' I'm talking about. It's mellow, it's a little jazzy and has a cool, positive and uplifting vibe. Perhaps I'm not the best at articulating what I mean. I'd suggest you give it a listen instead! I think even those who are not particularly fond of "rap music" can dig this. And if you don't dig it.....psshhh.....#BYEFELICIA


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