KAWAII SHIT: "KOUHI" iPhone wallpaper

Back in 2014 (I know, so long ago right?) I wanted to do more graphic 'freebies' because honestly, I take from other designers ALL THE TIME. So I thought, it must feel nice to just give back something to the community. It's so easy to take images from the web and slap them on our phones and desktops, but all of these things are resources and resources are made by someone out there. So I wanted to start making more freebie type things. 

This is where "KAWAII SHIT" comes into play! I posted a little teaser about this project a little while back, but basically the purpose of it was to start creating little freebies with this cute / colorful / sorta somewhat Japanese-ish(???) concept (I don't know, Porter Robinson had this hoodie once and somehow it gave me the idea....). I thought this would be a fun and cute way to give back to the [designer] community. 

Anyway, feel free to use these if you'd like. Any comments / feedback is always encouraged. :D 

{Disclaimer: The romanization of "coffee" in japanese is "Kōhī" not "kouhi", 
but that's just how I've always spelled it so let's leave it at that. lol.}

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