Designspiration: Black&White I

As a designer, I see a lot of beauty in simplicity. Crazy, outrageous, trendy graphics will come and go but minimal design lives forever. Ever wonder why the iconic Chanel bag is still popular after all this time? Because the design is 'timeless'. A seemingly simple structure, the classic Chanel bag was intricately and intelligently designed. From the subtlety of the quilted pattern to the elegance of the woven leather through gold plated chains, each detail was thoughtfully created. Make no mistake, these bags are not simply sought after time and time again because of celebrities or just because Chanel is a well known luxury name. Whether you're a classy 50's Audrey Hepburn-style fashionista or rocking out in Nasty Gal and Hot Topic clothes, these bags will literally fit any type of wardrobe. Dress up or dress down, the bag will go with everything. You can thank the simplistic design structure for that. Bottom line: Simplicity is evergreen. 

With that said, Black & White and structure are key elements to my own design aesthetics. There is something undeniably sleek about geometrical sharpness and a monochrome palette. Check out those killer shoes! A prime example of intricate design that is trendy yet can be in style for a long time due to practical structure. And that is what I like to achieve in my own designs. I hope this Designspiration board will inspire you to love the monochrome colors as much as I do.

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