DBH Mixtape O8 - Game Time II

#8 Game Time II
O1. Madeon - You're On
O2. Pendulum - Watercolour
O3. Sub Focus - You Make It Better
O4. Astronaut - Rain (Mitis Remix)
O5. Zomboy - Immunity
O6. London Elektricity - Meteorites (Danny Byrd Remix)
O7. Porter Robinson - Sad Machine
O8. Nero - Fugue State
O9. Gemini - And You
1O. Camellia - Wanna Go To A Beach

The second Playlist mixtape I ever made on this blog was one dedicated to gaming. To me it's sort of unique (although, these artists are actually more popular than the one's in most of my other mixtapes...) because I don't listen to this genre of music very often. Like, I am actually not a big fan of Dubstep or Drum&Bass. I'm very selective about certain songs and it's easy for Dubstep to overwhelm me very quickly. With that said, gaming puts me in certain 'mood', where this genre of music gets me amped up. So I wanted to make a playlist with this type of music that suits my taste, and that's kind of what I accomplished the first time. Albeit, most of these tracks aren't really new (except maybe the Madeon one) but they are still my tried and true favs. If you're not a huge fan of Dubstep but are looking for a pumped up soundtrack for your fast-paced games, give this one a shot. 

Graphical Cover:
On a design note, I was going to go the usual route I've been going lately, which is simplistic, minimal covers for these playlists. However, I kinda wanted to just go a little crazy. I mean yeah, my aesthetics lean more towards the minimal / clean look, but since these are for my music posts, I've been thinking about going a little more 'out there' and fun. I mean, why not right? I feel like simplistic design is beautiful, elegant and very trendy right now, but sometimes you just gotta have a little fun, and that's kind of the direction I went here. 

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