DBH Playlist 10: MiDNiGHT ViBEZ

#10. Midnight Vibez

O1. DJ Ride feat. Lisa Davis - We'll Be Talking
O2. Route 94 feat. Jess Glynn - My Love (Oliver Nelson Remix)
O3. Disclosure feat. Gregory Porter - Holding On mp3
O4. Odesza feat. Jenni Potts - White Lies
O5. Giraffage - Tell Me
O6. Jamie xx feat. Romy - Loud Places
O7. Nero - Tonight
O8. Draper - All My Love / Just My Soul

YOOOOOO, it's been a pretty minute. I know.
I've been pretty busy lately (work / moving / League / moving / League....) so I haven't had time (lies) to update my blog (more like, I'm lazy and keep putting things on the backburner). Nah, but 4realz, it's been pretty hectic lately but who cares. Let's talk about this playlist.

This is my 10th Playlist! WOOT. Honestly, this is really a batch of some of my favorite tracks at the moment. I wanted it to feel like this is the kind of stuff you'd bump to on a midnight ride through downtown, in a convertible with the top down. But the twist is, there's no one on the city roads, so you can play this shit as loud as you want and drive as fast as you want without repercussions! :D Use your imagination okay.

I'd like to think that most of these tracks kinda mesh together, even though they're sort of in their different genres. The only song that probably stands out over the others is Nero - Tonight. It's a lot edgier and louder than the rest, but I really wanted to include it in this playlist because it definitely fits into the fantasy description I added above. I wanted it to be the hype track before the last track, which in my typical fashion, is meant to mellow you back down to earth. Or some shit, IDK. Just give it a listen. :)


League of Legends Player Banners: Batch #2

A while back I made these Player Banner Cards and wanted to keep going and make as many as possible. I just enjoy making them since I rarely get to do any design work with video games and I'm not an illustrator by any means. And as much as I would love to make my own original art, I'm just not that kind of artist. But making something as seemingly simple as these little banners kind of fulfill that want to design and be creative with gaming. 

As you'll notice from the first batch, these came out a little different but not by much. I got rid of the ranking border because I felt like it was giving special treatment to higher level friends over lower ones and that's not the point of these. I'm thinking about optimizing the size and positioning of the text so that they fit nicely for Facebook cover images. I originally intended these to be like forum signatures but really, I just like making the splash art look to my liking. This batch was also a lot cleaner than the last so that's something I'll probably revise in the last one. 


Fauxto Spotlight: Danelle

Yo! I'm starting a new section on my blog called "FAUXTO SPOTLIGHT" (pronounced "photo" btw) to bring back the original flavor and reason I made this blog. I mean, although design is my obvious niche, I kinda started this blog because of my interest in photography, so it seemed only fair to make it one of the main highlights. One of my first photo sessions was with this lovely and talented singer, Danelle



#9: Just Beatz: The Hip Hop Instrumental Playlist (Volume I) 

You know what it is! This one's special because it consists of one of my all-time favorite genres -- HIP HOP of course! If you didn't know already, Hip Hop music is probably my #1 genre of music, although I have grown to love all types. I listen to a lot of electro and fusion genres. Most of the time I'm mellowing out to electro / new wave type stuff (as seen in most of my other playlists) but Hip Hop will always have this special place in my heart.

This mix is all about Instrumentals. I realize that I'm not a huge fan of RAP. I know, I know. It's kinda weird but I've always been all about the melody in music. I say it's "weird" because most people I know dig lyrics more than anything else (in terms of Hip Hop I mean...) and that makes sense. I mean most people like Rap music because lyrically, the songs tell a story. And even though yes, I love hearing the lyrics, I've just always been more about the melody and the BEAT. I don't know if you can tell from previous playlists, but I'm all about that BEAT. Rhythms put me in certain moods and Hip Hop beats have always resonated with me, especially when they have a certain vibe I dig. 

These Instrumentals aren't just simply my 'fav' tracks, they are handpicked by yours truly to showcase the type of 'vibe' I'm talking about. It's mellow, it's a little jazzy and has a cool, positive and uplifting vibe. Perhaps I'm not the best at articulating what I mean. I'd suggest you give it a listen instead! I think even those who are not particularly fond of "rap music" can dig this. And if you don't dig it.....psshhh.....#BYEFELICIA



DBH Style: Simple and Clean

If you had to ask me to define my style, I would want to say it's pretty similar to my design aesthetics. I really like clean, simple with just pops of color here and there. Sometimes I get drawn to really crazy colors and designs but as I get older, I lean more towards simplicity. I'm also not a very trendy person. I love fashion but I could care less for trends. Personally, I'm just trying to build a staple wardrobe where most of my pieces will be timeless. That way, I can re-use clothes for a couple of years and not feel like I'm completely out of style. Anyway, I've yet to talk about my personal style on my blog but as I'm realizing how it reflects my overall aesthetics as a designer, I figured I might as well introduce it. But be warned: About 80% of my clothes are from Uniqlo. That place is pretty much my second home. {I try not to cross paths with this website or store too often because I'll seriously hurt my wallet here.}

Daydreaming: If DBH x NIKE was a thing.....

Ever wonder what it would be like if you could collaborate with your favorite brands / designers? I know I have. Let's be real here, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a brand whore. I have my select favs and I'm pretty loyal to them and for the last ten years or so, every sneaker I purchased happened to be a Nike. I was messing around on the NikeiD site for fun and came up with some colorways if I could have my own line of custom Nike's. They probably seem a bit boring at first glance (black on black everything please?) but they definitely scream 'ME'.


KAWAII SHIT: "KOUHI" iPhone wallpaper

Back in 2014 (I know, so long ago right?) I wanted to do more graphic 'freebies' because honestly, I take from other designers ALL THE TIME. So I thought, it must feel nice to just give back something to the community. It's so easy to take images from the web and slap them on our phones and desktops, but all of these things are resources and resources are made by someone out there. So I wanted to start making more freebie type things. 

This is where "KAWAII SHIT" comes into play! I posted a little teaser about this project a little while back, but basically the purpose of it was to start creating little freebies with this cute / colorful / sorta somewhat Japanese-ish(???) concept (I don't know, Porter Robinson had this hoodie once and somehow it gave me the idea....). I thought this would be a fun and cute way to give back to the [designer] community. 

Anyway, feel free to use these if you'd like. Any comments / feedback is always encouraged. :D 

{Disclaimer: The romanization of "coffee" in japanese is "Kōhī" not "kouhi", 
but that's just how I've always spelled it so let's leave it at that. lol.}


Designspiration: Black&White I

As a designer, I see a lot of beauty in simplicity. Crazy, outrageous, trendy graphics will come and go but minimal design lives forever. Ever wonder why the iconic Chanel bag is still popular after all this time? Because the design is 'timeless'. A seemingly simple structure, the classic Chanel bag was intricately and intelligently designed. From the subtlety of the quilted pattern to the elegance of the woven leather through gold plated chains, each detail was thoughtfully created. Make no mistake, these bags are not simply sought after time and time again because of celebrities or just because Chanel is a well known luxury name. Whether you're a classy 50's Audrey Hepburn-style fashionista or rocking out in Nasty Gal and Hot Topic clothes, these bags will literally fit any type of wardrobe. Dress up or dress down, the bag will go with everything. You can thank the simplistic design structure for that. Bottom line: Simplicity is evergreen. 

With that said, Black & White and structure are key elements to my own design aesthetics. There is something undeniably sleek about geometrical sharpness and a monochrome palette. Check out those killer shoes! A prime example of intricate design that is trendy yet can be in style for a long time due to practical structure. And that is what I like to achieve in my own designs. I hope this Designspiration board will inspire you to love the monochrome colors as much as I do.


DBH Mixtape O8 - Game Time II

#8 Game Time II
O1. Madeon - You're On
O2. Pendulum - Watercolour
O3. Sub Focus - You Make It Better
O4. Astronaut - Rain (Mitis Remix)
O5. Zomboy - Immunity
O6. London Elektricity - Meteorites (Danny Byrd Remix)
O7. Porter Robinson - Sad Machine
O8. Nero - Fugue State
O9. Gemini - And You
1O. Camellia - Wanna Go To A Beach

The second Playlist mixtape I ever made on this blog was one dedicated to gaming. To me it's sort of unique (although, these artists are actually more popular than the one's in most of my other mixtapes...) because I don't listen to this genre of music very often. Like, I am actually not a big fan of Dubstep or Drum&Bass. I'm very selective about certain songs and it's easy for Dubstep to overwhelm me very quickly. With that said, gaming puts me in certain 'mood', where this genre of music gets me amped up. So I wanted to make a playlist with this type of music that suits my taste, and that's kind of what I accomplished the first time. Albeit, most of these tracks aren't really new (except maybe the Madeon one) but they are still my tried and true favs. If you're not a huge fan of Dubstep but are looking for a pumped up soundtrack for your fast-paced games, give this one a shot. 

Graphical Cover:
On a design note, I was going to go the usual route I've been going lately, which is simplistic, minimal covers for these playlists. However, I kinda wanted to just go a little crazy. I mean yeah, my aesthetics lean more towards the minimal / clean look, but since these are for my music posts, I've been thinking about going a little more 'out there' and fun. I mean, why not right? I feel like simplistic design is beautiful, elegant and very trendy right now, but sometimes you just gotta have a little fun, and that's kind of the direction I went here. 


Is the Art of Photography "dead"?

While browsing random Flickr forums one day, I came across a thread about how to make photos better with Auto mode. Now, with any topic of interest, there will always be some self righteous douchebag that has to take a seemingly simple question and turn it into a drawn out religious lecture. So this guy writes out a long paragraph about how "photography is dead". As you might expect, he got his fair share of backlash from the posters on the thread and continued to ramble back and forth with some of them.

Now, I'm not saying that he wasn't a self righteous douche monkey, being a buzz kill for these people who just wanted some sound advice about Automatic mode on cameras, but at the same time, I fully agree with his plea. Photography, in a sense, is kind of a dead art. Not because it is literally 'dead'--meaning it's unpopular, but on the contrary. Photography went from being a "professional" hobby to a mass consumer demand. These DSLR's that most of us know about were not really something eminent in the consumer markets a decade ago. If you were lucky, you owned an advanced point and shoot camera but that was about it. Another example would be MAC cosmetics. They went from being a professional makeup brand to a consumer makeup brand. And in the same fashion, the art of makeup has gotten a little lost as well.

Is it to say that when anything becomes popular, the beauty of it dies off? And if so, why is that?


Hip Hop Quotes

Hip Hop has always been a big part of my life. I grew up listening to hip hop music, thanks in part to my older brother. From mainstream to underground, it's just a genre of music that's always resonated with me. I don't want to sound cliche, but when you've been through some struggles in life, Hip Hop music just seems to really understand. Sure, a lot of the music is about sex, drugs, women, and bling bling, but that's not the foundation of what is Hip Hop music. This genre is a culture in itself. So to pay homage to my love for Hip Hop, I thought I'd make motivational posts now and then from my favorite lyrics. Stay tuned. 


DBH mixtape O7: Beat Waves

BEAT WAVES (25 mins / 8 tracks)

O1. Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
O2. Gold Panda - Reprise (T. Hemingway remix)
O3. Giraffage - Tell Me
O4. Odesza - Bloom
O5. Snakehips - On & On (Feat. George Maple)
O6. Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My Lover (Giraffage Remix)
O7. Louis La Roche - The Way She Makes Me Feel
O8. Raury - Cigarette Song (Snakehips remix)


Yes, yes, it's the return of the mixtapes! I've been listening to these songs pretty repeatedly for a while, especially Louis La Roche's track "The Way She Makes Me Feel". I don't know what it is about a certain song that makes me absolutely addicted to it, but this track is one of them. I've been listening to it on repeat for a few months now. I love Louis La Roche's funky genre of music, like a mix of funk / disco / house, but this is something different. This is chill. I don't know, but it's pretty much my jam forever now. Also, Chrome Spark's "Marijuana" has been on repeat for a couple months. I don't actually really like Chrome Spark's other stuff. I've tried. It's just this one track that gets me. Something about the beat. I don't know. Hope you guys enjoy this one. This is probably one of my favorite mixes so far. :)

Heart-Revolution & Oh, I'm BACK. (again)

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I know it's been a while since I updated this blog, but a lot has been going on in my life. I'll save that story for a rainy day though. I want to welcome the new year and coming back to blogging with a little teaser. 

I wasn't sure how to properly explain or 'tease' this design project, but I think the caption explains it pretty decently: "kawaii shit". Okay, I like video games and Japanese culture, so naturally this was bound to happen. 

I'll be updating my blog a bit on what's been going on in due time. I honestly have a crap ton of content on my computer that was meant for my blog but I put them all on the back burner due to some less than fortunate life events. Actually, it was mainly due to poor life choices. Yeah. Let's just leave it at that. An influx of content is probably going blow up on my blog in the coming days, so come back if you missed me. :)