I finally decided to get a Facebook page for my blog. I initially didn't really think much about it because I didn't really understand the point of creating a Facebook when someone already has a blog with the same content. But I realize the unique aspect is being able to communicate with those who share like interests. 

In my case, my humble blog is really just an outlet for me as a designer. I found myself posting design and blog related links occasionally on my personal Facebook and it felt almost discouraging. It's not that I don't think my friends would appreciate the posts, but it's more like, I don't feel like everyone cares. Creating a separate Facebook page for all my design related posts seemed like a good way to share my passion with those who actually do care about it and that reaches out to more than just my mutual friends. I can have a public space for other designers, those passionate about music / design / photography to come together and share that mutual passion.

Another thing I have been wanting to do is working on expanding myself as a designer. I can't learn and grow if I'm constantly doing the same things. I'll have a place where I can share but more importantly, a place for me to grow as a designer. I hope others will come and share my design journey with me! 

Come check it out! Facebook.com/deadbeathustler

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