WIP: Vector face

Ever since I've been searching for more artwork to put on my wall, I've had this itch to make some artwork myself. Now, I know that I'm a designer, but being a designer doesn't always mean we can do fine art. In fact, my fine art skills are terrible. I can easily copy an object or image that I see in person and transfer it over to my own canvas, but I don't come up with original art very easily. Perhaps I lack imagination......but I'd just like to think it's not in my technical skill to draw well. It's kinda strange because as a child, I was drawing all the time. But it doesn't matter because there's always vector art! Vector art is basically illustration for graphic designers. The art is purely 'vector' based, which essentially means creating art with lines in Illustrator or Photoshop. It's a bit complicated to explain, but vector art does not use PIXELS so you can blow the image up 1000x's and it will still look clean. This is my work in progress to revamp my vector art image for my own branding. The first image is the old art.

 As you can see, I cleaned up the image a bit so it has cleaner lines than the previous work. I also added subtle details while still maintaining that minimal look that vector art uniquely obtains. I figured it would be nicer to show that she has a nose and some details in the ear.

I made this girl more advanced because she has shoulders! lol The old image was just a floating head, albeit a cute floating head. When it's finished I'll display how I use this image in my own branding. 

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