Several months back, a friend of mine came to me proposing the creative aspect of his brand. Now, granted, I get a lot of design proposals from friends and family. Unfortunately, I'm not able to fulfill every single request. That would be crazy. But I knew he had a lot of passion into this project and if determined enough, it could fruition into something very promising. So I decided I'd jump on board and we've been brainstorming back and forth for a while now. Just recently, we met up and discussed what exactly his vision was and where the direction was going. Before, I didn't really have a clear enough understanding to really start on anything. I'm proud to say that we've finally got some ideas on deck now!

This is just a WIP (work-in-progress) board of the colors, fonts and design quirks that we're going for. Hopefully within the next couple of months, we can have more solid pieces and design assets configured. I'm also inclined not to share too much information about this because it's still a brand in its initial stages. So this board really only shows a very bare minimum idea of the actual branding. I can, however, reveal that it's about street wear and I'm all about street wear! I think a huge part of why I wasn't too reluctant to jump on board this is because I've always wanted to do design work for street wear fashion. Street wear is a dime a dozen, but there's so much you can do with it. And I love that street wear is about being 'raw' and in terms of the artistic aspect, ANYTHING GOES. 

I like sharing WIP pieces because sometimes the original direction doesn't actually become the end product. And other times, things might change 180 degrees, only to come back to the original WIP piece. So it's nice to have a design reminder of what you first come up with because sometimes first ideas, the one's you come up with on a whim, turn out to be the golden nuggets. Other times, they turn out to just be the base to a completely different composition. Whatever the case may be, design is all about evolution. Even something that may seem 'solid' can always be improved to better fit a brand or image. Experiment and find out what works and doesn't. That's the design life! 

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