Mood Board: YKM

Boy, let me tell ya, there is no greater feeling than having design work that is actually enjoyable. I kinda forgot what that was like for a good chunk of my career because I was used to the 9 to 6 grind. And there's nothing wrong with the 9 to 6 grind for the most part. I love my working environment but to be honest, the work itself is far from "fun" or even creative. It's much more technical and redundant. So when a design opportunity knocks on my door and yells "FUN!", I take full advantage of it (and trust me, it doesn't happen very often). I had a client reach out to me for a project that I pretty much jumped on in a heart beat because I love the field of work they do and what they are asking for. Actually, this is 1 of 3 projects I jumped on board! All of which I'm pretty excited to bring into fruition. 

I created this mood board based off the feedback I was getting from the client. She and I have similar aesthetics so I already knew things were hitting off to a good start. A good mood board gives you an overall idea of how the branding should be displayed. This was actually the second mood board I created for her because she wasn't quite feeling the first one. It's a good thing because we established something she did like and did resonate with. My professor throughout my first two years in design school always had us create mood boards with our projects. I loved making them then because I'm a completely visual person (obviously :P) and I still utilize them now in my career. In essence, they are just pretty inspirational images to look at. But it can also be used as a crucial tool of communication with a client. If you haven't started utilizing mood boards for any design works, whether it's at your job, for yourself or freelance projects, I highly recommend you doing so. And besides, they are a lot of fun to make. Time-consuming yes, but definitely FUN.

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