Pillow Talk

I've been on an 'Interior' decorating kick lately. To be honest, decorating and making my tiny apartment a 'home' was something I was always passionate about but I always thought that this place would be very short term. I really didn't imagine that my bf and I would be living in this apartment for more than a year, because this isn't exactly the 'nicest' place. It's not "ghetto" but it's just really tiny.

But I've come to accept the fact that financially, we aren't in the position to move to some bigger fancier place. And that's okay but I definitely want to design my home so that it feels like a place I want to return to each and every night. So I've been doing some research, trying to do some DIY projects as well as purchase some things here and there to make our apartment a home for us.

I'm currently obsessed with H&M's home department. They have so many inexpensive and cool/cute stuff for decorating. And it's really all about the little things: A cute pillow, artsy fridge magnets, quirky lamps and coasters. I haven't actually purchased anything yet, but I'm planning on getting a few things for our living room. Our couch isn't very 'nice' to say the least.....it's probably the cheapest couch at IKEA currently lol. But we didn't really feel like a nice couch was necessary because we didn't want to become couch potatoes glued to the TV all day. But when guests come over, that's when I wish we had a comfier couch. Nonetheless, I figured a simple solution may be cool pillows! I've been looking all over online and in stores for some pillows that don't look too weird on our plain couch but are comfy and still add a pop of 'fun' to it. feel free to throw any links my way if you know of any good places to get cool pillows from!

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