insta-favs: simple & colorful

Haven't compiled an 'Insta-favs' since I came back and started blogging again. I thought I'd share my favorite Instagram pix from the beginning of the year until now. They're just so fun to look at when you compile them and you can also get a good sense of someone's style and what they like. I think this perfectly describes my aesthetics: simple black, white and neutrals with pops of color. I think in another post I'll blog about what apps I use. But I think it's pretty obvious here that my main squeeze app is none other than the amazing vsco app. Who doesn't love vsco? Everything looks so vintage and moody, I'm freaking obsessed with it!


  1. im looking at your insta favs - and i was like "wow, I like all of these things here" <3 then i read your description of your aesthetics : simple black, white and neutrals with pops of color - so like me! <3 and im still envious of that kate spade ice cream bag!

    1. hehe I always knew we had a similar aesthetic! I love the Kate Spade bag too but honestly haven't really gotten to take it out yet lol! It's just so cute though I just want to stare at it all day *--*