What happened to fautography?

Hey remember when I used to post photos only on this blog? You don't? Oh okay, but once upon a time, this blog was all about my love for 'photography'. I had to call my own snapshots "fautography" because I honestly didn't have the audacity to call myself a photographer on any level. It was more of a hobby to me than anything else. Since I found my 'niche' for blogging, I naturally integrated into focusing on graphic design but photography will still be a topic I'll eventually focus more on again. It's just been harder to really venture out and find the time to go out and take quality pics that aren't just of my home, cats or random trees.

Photography will always be something that sparks my interest, but it's a medium that is still relatively new to me. I have a lot to learn in terms of taking photographs and making them visually interesting and effective. I don't want to just take any random photograph and then post them. I'm way too picky to do that. So I always try to make sure that whatever goes up on my blog is something I can be proud of. And a good, well thought out photograph can keep me motivated as a designer as well! So stay tuned folks!

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