FREEBIE: Photoshop Actions - COOL CAT & HAZY

I've been wanting to post up some design freebies for a while now but just didn't get around to it. Filters aren't always the best option for a photograph, but they certainly have their own flare. You can enhance your photographs with these freebie actions made by yours truly :) . 

Inside you'll find an Action pack with two Actions - Hazy & Cool Cat. 

PROTIP: Consider your original photo's lighting. These Actions work the best with optimized lighting, meaning your photograph shouldn't be too overexposed or too underexposed. These Actions work best with outdoor lighting although they can be used with well lit indoor photos. 

PROTIP 2: 'Cool Cat' as the name implies, is a cool 'blue toned' Action set. If your photographs have a lot of yellow and red tones, Cool Cat can balance out the photo and give your photograph a softer touch. 'Hazy' on the other hand has more of an olive/green tone that gives off a slightly grungier look. This Action set is best used on photographs that are more 'blue' in tone, giving it an opposite effect from Cool Cat. Both Actions emit a very 'cool' feeling to the photograph, even though Hazy is a bit more on the yellow/green side. These make perfect filters for FASHION, PORTRAIT and ARCHITECTURE photography. 

PROTIP 3: If your photos are underexposed, it's best to fix Brightness/Levels in your Photoshop settings before applying the Actions for an optimized effect. However, both Actions have a 'brighter' filter applied already, so make sure to not over brighten your photographs before hand. These Actions will work better with slightly underexposed photos as opposed to overexposed photos. 

Hope you guys enjoy this first set of freebies. More will come soon! 

*If you're a total newbie at Photoshop, don't worry! The Action pack comes with a set of instructions on how to install. It's really simple. 

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