What happened to fautography?

Hey remember when I used to post photos only on this blog? You don't? Oh okay, but once upon a time, this blog was all about my love for 'photography'. I had to call my own snapshots "fautography" because I honestly didn't have the audacity to call myself a photographer on any level. It was more of a hobby to me than anything else. Since I found my 'niche' for blogging, I naturally integrated into focusing on graphic design but photography will still be a topic I'll eventually focus more on again. It's just been harder to really venture out and find the time to go out and take quality pics that aren't just of my home, cats or random trees.

Photography will always be something that sparks my interest, but it's a medium that is still relatively new to me. I have a lot to learn in terms of taking photographs and making them visually interesting and effective. I don't want to just take any random photograph and then post them. I'm way too picky to do that. So I always try to make sure that whatever goes up on my blog is something I can be proud of. And a good, well thought out photograph can keep me motivated as a designer as well! So stay tuned folks!

DBH MIXTAPE O3: Into The Night

INTO THE NIGHT (44mins / 10 tracks)
O1. WAVE RACER - Rock U Tonite
O2. BOMBS & BOTTLES - Pregame
O3. DISCLOSURE - You & Me (Flume Remix)
O4. DAN BLACK - Hearts (Louis The Child Remix)
O5. BONDAX - Fires feat. Josh Record
O6. FOXES - Let Go For Tonight (Fred Falke Remix)
O7. KIARA - Bonobo
O9. FINAL DJs - Gossip Country (Justin Faust Remix)
1O. MORJAC & FRED FALKE - When We're Together feat. Sarah Tyler

I've really been diggin the electro/house fusion R&B sounds lately. I'm a fan of classic R&B so of course having a fusion genre like this resonates with me because I do listen to electro/house music. I've selected what I'd like to call, "chill" tracks with a bit of a pumped up edge to them, perfect for night drives or working on projects at odd hours of the night.

Thanks for listening!


design inspirations

I get asked what 'designers' I'm most inspired by but to be honest, I wouldn't be able to state a name. It's not that I don't truly admire some designers out there, in fact the ones I admire most are small town designers and bloggers. But my biggest inspirations are actually two quite well known names: Kate Spade and Starbucks coffee! I just think everything about their aesthetics is what I love in my own design style.


'Tech For Thought' - Can you live without your phone?

The other day I was thinking about how addicted we all are to our cellphones and how it's brought upon a negative impact on my own life. I find myself at parties, surrounded by people or with friends and going through my phone constantly. Not only does it disconnect you from the people around you, but it can turn even an extroverted, social individual into an anti-social one. I used to always be the talkative one at parties and now I feel like I rarely ever talk. Well, okay that's not exactly true either, but I noticed how being so absorbed into technology has turned me more anti-social than I would've liked.

But why is it that people are so addicted to being on their phones? To be honest, it's just easier. If you're bored, the internet is full of amusement. Or say you're just an awkward person by nature and you don't have much to say. Whipping out your cell phone puts that awkwardness on the back burner, at least temporarily. The thing is, even awkward people get less awkward, by ENGAGING in real conversations with REAL people. With practice, introverted quiet types even become more sociable and outgoing. There are times when you can't just put those moments on the back burner either. Like when you're doing an interview for example. I had a three hour interview not so long ago with a company in downtown and I kept thinking about how nice it would be to reach for my phone and just pretend they weren't there. Even though I consider myself pretty 'pro' at interviews at this point in my life....I still get those awkward moments with interviewees who I don't think I really match up with in terms of personality and those moments get awkward fast.

I'm trying to be better at this and feel like I've improved slightly. I am more conscious about taking out my phone when eating out with friends or even eating with my boyfriend but as they say, 'old habits die hard'. I think most of the time I just whip out my phone when I want to take a photo but it's something in general I'm constantly trying to improve on because I know the more I take out my phone, the less I want to interact with people IRL.

Challenge yourself. Disconnect from the online world when you're not at home, especially if you're on vacation or with friends for an extended period of time. Bond, play and have fun -- without technology. It may not seem like a big deal to most people but these things build up over time. And the more we disconnect from the real world, the harder it will be to connect to the real world. Technology is amazing for what it can do for our daily lives, but at the end of the day, it's a piece of machinery. It's man made. There is no emotional or psychological level of bonding that you can adhere to technology the way you can with real people.

In the words of the late Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, "Ain't nothin like the real thing"

RAW - COPYCAT: Taking inspiration or taking credit?

Let's face it, ORIGINALITY IS DEAD. And I'm talking real originality -- the kind of stuff that comes out of nowhere, from nothing. You might wake up one morning and come up with some of the best designs you've ever created, but they were probably inspired by something you already saw. Even if most of us are not consciously trying to copy someone's work, our subconscious picks up on everything we've come by. I've rarely come by a website these days and think, "wow this is so original...". Everything is inspired by something else and in the design world, it's very obvious that every designer has gotten some kind of inspiration from another designer. 


FREEBIE: Photoshop Actions - COOL CAT & HAZY

I've been wanting to post up some design freebies for a while now but just didn't get around to it. Filters aren't always the best option for a photograph, but they certainly have their own flare. You can enhance your photographs with these freebie actions made by yours truly :) . 

Inside you'll find an Action pack with two Actions - Hazy & Cool Cat. 

PROTIP: Consider your original photo's lighting. These Actions work the best with optimized lighting, meaning your photograph shouldn't be too overexposed or too underexposed. These Actions work best with outdoor lighting although they can be used with well lit indoor photos. 

PROTIP 2: 'Cool Cat' as the name implies, is a cool 'blue toned' Action set. If your photographs have a lot of yellow and red tones, Cool Cat can balance out the photo and give your photograph a softer touch. 'Hazy' on the other hand has more of an olive/green tone that gives off a slightly grungier look. This Action set is best used on photographs that are more 'blue' in tone, giving it an opposite effect from Cool Cat. Both Actions emit a very 'cool' feeling to the photograph, even though Hazy is a bit more on the yellow/green side. These make perfect filters for FASHION, PORTRAIT and ARCHITECTURE photography. 

PROTIP 3: If your photos are underexposed, it's best to fix Brightness/Levels in your Photoshop settings before applying the Actions for an optimized effect. However, both Actions have a 'brighter' filter applied already, so make sure to not over brighten your photographs before hand. These Actions will work better with slightly underexposed photos as opposed to overexposed photos. 

Hope you guys enjoy this first set of freebies. More will come soon! 

*If you're a total newbie at Photoshop, don't worry! The Action pack comes with a set of instructions on how to install. It's really simple. 


DBH's mixtape vol. 02: GAME TIME

GAME TIME (44mins / 10 tracks)
O1. ANAMANAGUCHI - Endless Fantasy
O2. NERO - Me And You
O3. DRAPER - Night Rider (feat. Phoebe Ray)
O5. RAMESES B - I Need You (feat. Charlotte Haining)
O6. DEADMAU5 - Raise Your Weapons (Madeon remix)
O7. MADEON - Technicolor
O8. NERO - Reaching Out
O9. ANAMANAGUCHI - Prom Night (feat. Bianca Raquel)
1O. ZOMBOY - Game Time

Whenever I'm playing video games I like listening to electro / dubstep as it kinda sets the mood for me. There's a combination of fast, adrenaline-rushing tracks along with slightly mellower electro tracks to get you amped. Hope you enjoy it!

[RAW] Video Games: Do they benefit my life?


DBH's MIXTAPE vol. 01

O1. STARDUST - Music Sounds Better With You
O3. NERVO - Hold On (Fred Falke remix)
O4.THE PARADISE - In Love With You
O5. KISH MAUVE - Lose Control (Fred Falke remix)
O6. MOON BOOTS - Don't Ask Why (feat. Kyiki)
O7. SKIBBLEZ - Only One Touch
O9. LITTLE BOOTS - Headphones (Moon Boots remix)
1O. ALAN BRAXE - Time Machine
11. FIXERS - Iron Deer Dream (Shook remix)

[Click the photo above or HERE to listen to the mixtape]

If you didn't already know, I'm a huge music junkie. I spend hours and hours digging for new music. As a designer, music goes hand in hand in my opinion. It's difficult for me to design in silence, which is why it drives me nuts whenever I have to work in an environment where I can't listen to music (mainly due to communication issues....). For me, music instantly sparks my imagination. My creativity flows better whenever I'm listening to music so it's always been a pretty big part of my life. Also, I take huge pride in having such an eclectic taste in music. One day I'll be listening to electro/house, the next R&B, Alternative or maybe Kpop. I really can't say I prefer one genre over the other. If it sounds good, I'll love it. I hope you guys will enjoy these as much as I enjoy making them.


'DEADBEATHUSTLER' is the name of my Tumblr blog. I started creating playlists primarily on there for a while, so I thought it would be a nice integration to take whatever I put on my Tumblr onto a playlist that's easier to listen to.