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Los Angeles is regarded as "The city of dreams" to many people who live outside of it. If you're nowhere near California and have never visited, you may have heard your fair share of stereotypes regarding this bustling city. Yes, the food here is awesome. Yes, it really is a melting pot community of different cultures and races. Yes, people really do drive that badly. Los Angeles has had a positive reputation for nightlife, opportunities, and things to do, but despite all of those things I really really hate living here.

First of all, I've lived in the east coast most of my life. I've lived in California for the last ten years and for the last eight years, I've been trying to go back to the east coast. Don't get me wrong. I love many things about Cali--or specifically Los Angeles, since that's where I've lived majority of my time here. L.A. is an interesting city, I'll say that much. But I hate too many things about L.A. to want to live here the rest of my life. 

And don't worry. This is not going to be a post bashing the city. But I do want to explain why I want to get out of here. 

First of all, I want to move to San Francisco. Or Tokyo. But SF is probably more realistic. I know my friends who live in SF will tell me "it's really not all that...." but that's okay because I THINK it's all that. I've visited SF about three times now, and each time I've visited, I swear I've thought about missing my flight and running back to the city. And yes, bread bowls are amazing. The Golden Gate Bridge is awesome. The bay is awesome. Union Square is probably the greatest shopping area ever. The hills are insane. Public transportation is actually legit. And yes, I always think of Full House when I'm there. But those are all typical things about SF that every tourist would be attracted to. I'm fully aware that every major city has it's 'tourist attractions'. The same things could be said for Los Angeles. The thing is, I don't want to live in SF for any of those reasons. In the same way, I don't like living in L.A. just because it's known for all these typical things. 

First of all, I love SF's weather. It's funny because most of the people I know that live up there complain that it's too cold. Obviously these people have not seen my closet. It's like 90% hoodies. I love cold weather and I have always loved cold weather. In fact, the mildly warm, sunny weather in Los Angeles pisses me off. It seriously does. When it rains and it's cold here, I feel like I'm in heaven. See, in the east coast there were seasons and my favorite season was Fall. Fall, or Autumn in east coast is pretty much the weather in SF year round. Another thing I love about SF is the BAY. 

Screw the beach. I could count the number of times I've been to the beach in the last ten years on my fingers. I'm not a huge fan of the beach because it's super freaking dirty here anyway. Okay, Santa Barbara and Malibu may be the only exception but still. I'm also spoiled by the beaches of Florida when I used to live there as a kid. I mean, Miami? Daytona? It just doesn't compare. I'm sure the beaches here are a surfer's dream though. What I like about the bay is that it's 'scenic'. The beaches in California are beautiful, like most beaches are, but they're mostly for recreational purposes. The bay is a gateway to the ocean, so the emphasis is more on the open ocean. It's more scenic. I also really just miss bridges because in Virginia, I used to cross a bridge all the time. It's nostalgic for me and it's something I really miss. 

The Hills. Remember that MTV "reality" show "The Hills" that aired a couple of years ago? The superficial one about rich kids from Laguna Beach or whatever, that was totally scripted? (did I mention I've watched every single episode?) I remember when that show aired and I thought it was about San Francisco. Honestly, that was the only reason I was interested in it. When I found out it was about LA I was so confused. THE HILLS ARE IN SAN FRAN YOU TARDS. 

Okay but seriously, I love the hills in San Francisco. I know it's crazy because the city literally looks like one of those sloping graphs you had to make in Calculus class (which I failed miserably...). And okay, admittedly, it's not the best place for driving but have you seen people in San Fran? Barely anyone there is fat okay. And it's not like you really have to ask why, because all you have to do is take a walk from one block of the inner city to the next and you'll see why. I just love how dynamic the streets are. It's tiring sure, but I always enjoy walking around when I visit the city. 

Of course SF has it's downsides. All cities do (what's the downside to Paris though? I would not mind rain like 300 days a year..). But despite all the crazy Oakland Raiders fans (and Oakland...) and all the other "bad" things about SF, I've been in the city enough to know that I much prefer it over L.A. I think the most negative thing I can say about the city is it's expensive to actually LIVE in SF. But the point is..........

The truth is, I need a change of scenery. And SF is the next best thing. It's also a great city for graphic designers so that's a plus. I don't know where the road will lead me in the near or far future, but I just dream of a different city. I've been in Los Angeles for ten years now (going on 11 this year...) and I think that's enough time to know whether I like living here or not. LA certainly has its perks and for some, this may be the perfect city. But for me, I just don't really connect with this city. And perhaps SF might not really be any better for me, but I can confidently say, I'm willing to give anything a try at least once.

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