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I know it's been a while (what, 4 months?). Since my last post, a lot has happened. The holidays came and went with a blink of an eye. I had a job, then left that job due to the distance. And I start my new job this Monday. If you're wondering what I did with my free time in between finding a job--I did absolute nothing. 

If you're wondering why I didn't post photos here while I had the free time, all I can say is it's probably because I was being lazy. I played a lot of video games during that free time and being completely unproductive /thuglife. I also posted quite a few photos on instagram and realized how convenient it is to document my daily life with my phone camera. Oh, and I also got an iPhone since my last post. Seriously, for photography loving people, iPhone is a little beast. I hate to admit it, but after being dedicated to Android for the past 5yrs and switching to an iPhone, I'll never go back. iPhone's photos are so clear and crisp. It's still just a phone camera, but it takes photos so much better than my Galaxy S3.

Anyway, Instagram is great because you can be all artistic and actually tryhard in getting your photos to look nice. After all, everyone wants "likes" right?? I also downloaded about 10 different camera/photo editing apps. I only use about 4 of them most of the time...."only". It's become quite the addiction. And although I don't advocate skimping on blogging and just posting on instagram, I do think it's a neat app that can push me to be creative with photos. I posted a collection of some of my photos since I've last blogged. My iPhone would never replace a legit camera, but hey, it's better than nothing. 

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