Coffee Perspective

Funny story. I changed my blog URL (from 'noxinoxi') because I thought it just fit me better and my lifestyle, and my blog name is 'DOUBLESHOTS', which I was btw, referring to photography--not so much coffee. I knew there was a pun there, but I didn't really think it had anything to do with my blog. Anyway, and here I am uploading photos of coffee. And it just hit me what an absolute addict I must be.

Ok, so it's not really that funny. But the point is, I guess I engage in this 'coffee culture' more than I realize. I'm pretty ignorant about coffee but there's something about coffee and their respective cafes and shops that I absolutely love. I'm sure I can speak for many others. It's the atmosphere and the aura. It's the smell and the bitter taste that tingles and often burns your taste buds. Everything from the flavor, to the color and the condiments make up this 'coffee' experience. It's so much more than just an expensive caffeinated or decaffeinated beverage. It's like a little R&R in every cup.


  1. Love it :) so true what you say about the coffee atmosphere that drives people to be nuts about coffee. Love the name of the blog and your photos too!