AFTERGLOW USB wired XBOX 360 controller

STEAM is having their Holiday sale! Every day until January 3rd, they're having different games on sale. Yesterday I bought Final Fantasy 7 and 8 for the PC! Okay honestly, I know these are old games but 7 was $4 and 8 was $8. How does one say no?

So naturally, I bought a controller to play on my PC. I've actually never played any PC games with a controller so I felt compelled to get a new controller. This isn't an official XBOX controller, which I know a lot of people frown upon since 3rd party controllers tend to be more cheaply made and thus break easier. Unfortunately for me, I'm a creature that is easily lured by 'aesthetics'. You know, like buying something for the packaging. In any case, I read some reviews on Amazon before purchasing these, and they seemed decent. Plus, they're cheaper. Anyway, here it is!

Oh did I mention it glows? Yeah. I'm sucha sucker for translucent, glowing things (as you can tell from my keyboard...). *sigh* It does look pretty damn cool though, right?

Let me know if you've ever bought gaming gear purely because of how it looked and if it absolutely came back to bite you in the ass. lol

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