Design project: Magazine cover

Recreating magazine covers has never been an interest to me, in my 6+yrs of learning graphic design. Which is odd because I always buy magazines as a source of visual inspiration. I guess in a way it seemed really 'played out' since it's one of the most commonly designed things. Not to sound hipster or anything.....

(I just did.......)

Since I'm working on my portfolio, I'm trying to create some versatility. Since I never actually designed a magazine cover, I thought--hell, why not. I even went on to design a little fashion article for it, which took me way longer than I had anticipated.
The cover itself didn't take very long to design, but it does take a lot more thought than you would think. I always thought 'pff' a magazine cover is probably one of the easiest things to design, but boy was I wrong. If you want it to look nice, not boring, and somewhat original, it will definitely take some thought.

First you'll need some inspiration. I went with a fashion magazine, because that's what I love! And holy hell do I have a lot of them.
I used some handy little 'post its' to mark the pages I find the best inspiration from.

I made up the magazine because it seemed like it would be more legit that way. Also, I totally didn't steal this picture of Emma Stone from Vogue magazine........
And here's the fashion article with a bunch of outfits from Emma Stone. I didn't want to do a text based article because I had no idea what I would write about and I didn't want to "Lorem ipsum" it. That's too easy. And although this looks like it was generated with Polyvore, I actually had to construct everything through photoshop. Since you only have a certain given amount of space to work with, you have to consider the composition. I thought it would be easy to just put all the outfits in a section, until I had to put text in. Oh God....I give so much more respect to magazine designers now.

It took me about four hours on this ONE PAGE alone (including the time it took me to gather the resources) but then again, I am really bad at LAYOUTS in general, so inadvertently this turned out to be a challenge for me. Oh well. Good learning experience. I have learned I still hate doing layout.

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