Day 89: Why can't Americans have cute packaging for common household things?

DAISO opened up in Koreatown a week ago or so. I was super excited because I loved the Daiso in San Fran and was hoping LA could have something like that too. Especially with Little Tokyo kinda dying out as being "authentic Japanese", I was sad there would only be less and less Japanese goods stores. But lo and behold, the amazeballs Daiso now exists in LA. 

FYI, Daiso is like a dollar store except everything is $1.50. 

Most of the things are just common household things you can probably find at Target or the dollar store, but if you know me, I'm a sucker for package design and Japan has probably some of the best package designs I've seen. Not only do they have great packaging for great products, they have great packaging for the cheap, simple things as well and I love that! 

My sweet haul of Daiso goods
Seriously....floor wipes....in cute hearts and pink packaging. This is why I love Japanese packaging.
This is a lint roller LOL ^

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