Day 84: The little macbook that could

A few days ago I was playing Aion, doing a quest, when suddenly my PC (desktop) just shut off without any notice. 'DUFUQ' right? I tried turning my computer back on but it wouldn't turn on and knew something was wrong. Le bf was afraid it was 'dead-dead' and that made me panic because pretty much all my photos and a lot of my work was on that computer. We took it to Computer Hospital (aka Fry's) and they took it in for a few days. I felt lost and alone without it for some reason, even though there are plenty of times where I'm completely without my PC.

I didn't necessarily care about my games, but I was just worried that something would happen to the hard drive and all my stuff would get wiped. I turned to my macbook for guidance and needless to say, rekindled my relationship with it once again. At some point in my life I only had my macbook and I used it for everything. These days I only use it when I'm on the bed, feeling extra lazy before bed.

Fry's called us back on Friday and told us that the power supply died. So now my desktop is running again and all is good. Now, the smart thing to do is grab an external hard drive or flash drive and SAVE ALL MY SHIT FROM THIS DESKTOP. But you know me, I don't ever learn my lessons.

No but seriously, I should save my stuff...........

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  1. girl that happened to my imac! my stuff wasn't salvaged though so I lost some pictures from a certain time period! Now I try to back up everything! ahhhh