Day 108: THAT IS NOT CORAL......

Another Urban Outfitters polish I picked up called "LOVE LETTER". 


The color is supposed to be "coral" (that's how it looks in the bottle) but when I put it on, my fingers look bright neon orange! I actually have a wallet that is more or less the same color (come to think of it, I should've taken a photo with that too....). I HATE WHEN BOTTLES LIE TO ME!
And here I thought I had found the perfect little coral colored nail polish since I don't own any dupes. Sad Loraemon is sad. It's like buying a box of chocolates only to find out it's "sugar free". I'd still eat it anyway, and in the same respect, I'll still use this polish. 

I am horrible at analogies. I hear it's part of my "charm"


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