Day 101: Let's talk about fake baby

Hey I missed my 100th photo a day yesterday. Damn I suck...

Actually, I can't believe it's been 100 days since I started this thing. I know I've skipped a lot of days after like, day 30 or something, but that's life. The important thing is, I'm still somewhat dedicated to it.

Today I'd like to talk about a handbag I got from ebay, as well as throwing in my two cents on replicas. Now, I know some of you (gurlz) seeing this might be thinking, "eew is that a knock off Bal???" but in my mind I'm like, "it's a cheap stylish bag mthrfckr...." I don't want to come off trashy to those of you who are sensitive about "replicas" and whatnot, but I just want you to know that this isn't a "replica", it's "inspired". 
And yes, my post IS going to be about handbags. The male readers probably already left before even getting to this part, so I think I will progress with this post just as planned......

First off, I can understand being a little uneasy about seeing a gaudy replica Chanel bag. They are usually very cheap looking and even the girl with the least knowledge of handbags, knows that it's a cheap, replica, fake knock-off bag. The point is, the bag is bad quality and it looks bad. The honest truth is, it's cringe worthy looking at one BECAUSE the quality is bad. But what about GOOD quality replicas? 
That's a question for you to ponder on your own. But what I really want to delve on is inspired bags. 

This ebay bag is a Balenciaga Classic City inspired bag. If you aren't familiar with the brand, that's okay. Just know it's a very expensive brand (we're talking like $900-$2000 bags). I've seen plenty of stores that sell off-brand handbags that copy that style. I've literally never seen a good inspired bag. Let me explain for a second what the difference is between "replica" and "inspired". 
A "REPLICA" handbag tries to sell the BRAND. They stamp the designer's logo and name everywhere to try and sell it off as a designer bag. See, I don't have a problem with a high quality, genuine leather replica handbag, as long as I can't tell the difference. It's only when I see a really shitty cheap looking one that it kinda irks me.
"INSPIRED" bags do not try and sell the brand. They try to sell the STYLE. See, I think that's a huge difference. Take the Chanel flap bag for example. Any girl who has ever gone shopping can say they have seen this bag (or something that looks like it) at a mall or department store, at least a few times in their lives. That style is so classic and coveted, literally every brand tries to replicate it in someway. Even well known designers like Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs have bags that are similar to the quilted flap bag style. That is to say, A LOT OF DESIGNER BAGS HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY ANOTHER DESIGNER BAG. It's not so much about how "original" it is. It's about the style and whether it suits someone's tastes or not. 

Oh and anyone who tries to throw ethical concerns about replica handbags, really need to learn to read up on some facts. This isn't the 1970's. A lot of people are against replicas or inspired, because they come from China, which automatically equals to"child slavery" in their mind. Talk about ignorant. I guess that means those people don't buy any bags other than high end designer bags and Juicy Couture! Because guess what? MOST handbags are made in China if they are not real leather, unless stated otherwise. Even a lot of leather bags are made in China. The only exceptions are high end, because most of them are tailored in Europe. But that's not the important thing to know. The important thing to know is that even though child slavery does exist in Chinese factories, they really only exist for very CHEAP products, like toys, cheap jewelry, and the likes. You can read articles regarding those 'myths' online, if you take a second and actually look it up. The worst excuse has to be about how replica handbags are taking the designer's revenue. OH PLEASE. If those designers sell ONE handbag, they have made enough to buy at least 6 high quality replicas. In other words, buy a replica handbag if you can't afford the real thing. Buy an inspired, AS LONG AS IT ACTUALLY LOOKS DECENT. 

Like I said, it's really not about the "replica" part that is gaudy; it's just the quality of that bag. I've seen friends with Chanel bags that I would never have guessed was fake, if it weren't for the fact that I questioned their source of income. LOL. If you look at even the best Chanel fakes up close, you can tell subtle differences. But that's only really with CHANEL. The company has created a way of producing their purses so that it cannot be replicated to a tee. And it really holds true, because even a $500 replica (which is a lot coming from China) still has a detail that can't be matched with a real Chanel. I've seen them all. 

This is my inspired Balenciaga. Now, if you look closely at it, you will notice some definite difference between this one and a real one. But I don't try and pass this off as a Bal. I really have no reason to. My main reason and only reason I got this bag was because I really like the style of it. And I think it's pompous and bitchy for someone to say us middle class folks aren't allowed to have "nice things". This is why inspired designer bags exist. Hell, even my rich friends who have income to spare, would never drop 3g's on a handbag. If I drop 3g's on a handbag, I better be making at least like 90K a year and have no kids to feed. But in any case, I think for the price, this "inspired" looks really freaking nice. 

(note: colors aren't correct here. It's more of a lighter grey color, like the previous photo)

And how much did I pay for this bag? $0. Yup. The best things in life ARE FREE. 
Well, more like, I DID pay for it, but then got a fatty refund for it because the seller screwed up. I'll save that for a rainy day chat if anyone is interested, but that's my two cents on inspired bags. I'll link the seller below if you're interested in it yourself. 

Retail price: $45
Material: faux leather 
Retailer: ebay seller

What do you think of "replica" and "inspired" bags? 
Are you against it? And if so, WHY?
Would you buy one?
If so, for which designer?

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  1. I don't mind inspired bags as long as they don't put their log on it!
    I am against replicas though, especially when sellers are trying to sell replicas for original price which pisses me off!