64/365: Getting Pirate syndrome from lack of sleep......my eye is all like wtfdizzle

Today I end the reign of terrible quality photo-a-day photos and pull in a good ole throw back photo that I took with a DSLR. As much as I love my compact and am trying oh so hard to save up before splurging on a expensive camera again, I have to admit that there is no match for a dslr quality image. 

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, I spent the last 7+hrs working on my online portfolio. I've been holding off on it for years, literally. Which is neither smart or convenient when I want to show people my stuff. I've just been using a printed portfolio, which is good too, but that thing is HEAVY and it's not convenient at all. Besides, what am I, living in the 60's?? I NEED an online portfolio. I actually had a somewhat portfolio on tumblr for a while, then progressed to blogspot, and now--well, it's a secret, but when it's finally sorta done, I'll let you guys know. 

I should be sleeping because obviously, I have not slept yet, but I felt compelled to post my photo a day today because I think this photo is really pretty and reminds me why I'm a graphic designer. I can edit the shit out of the ugliest photographs and they can come out looking special. Now that's magic. 

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