Things I Love: Makeup I rarely use.

Pictured: Skin 79 BB cream "The Oriental" | M.A.C fix + (seriously this stuff is MAGIC) | Givenchy "Play" perfume | 3W Clinic foundation compact | Rimmel "Scandaleyes" mascara | Stila waterproof liquid liner in black | M.A.C. "Heatherette collection" pink/nude lipstick

To be honest, I don't really like wearing makeup. It's kind of a hassle to put it on and take it off, and since my skin is sensitive, my face rejects makeup after a while. But for whatever reason, I keep buying makeup and have a slight obsession with it. You know when someone tries to explain something girly by saying, "It's a girl thing"? Well, yeah. Makeup would be one of those things. There really is no better way of explaining it.

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