Day 71: Preparing for dreaded heat plague aka "Summer"

Patrick and I have been going crazy over Uniqlo lately. They just have the best fit, the simple look we like, and the best prices for what you get. I'm a Winter fiend and I hate hot weather, so my closet is actually filled with like 70% Fall/Winter clothes and like 20% Spring-ish-neutral-weather-for-California clothes and the remaining is my sorry amount of Summer time clothes. But since the AC system in our apt sucks and when it's hot it gets REALLY unbearably hot in the apt, I just said EFF IT. I'm getting summer clothes. Plus, everything on Uniqlo that we ordered was on sale and is super cheap.

If I lived in a perfect world, it would be 68 degrees all the time, anytime. I really can't stand hot weather at all. I'd rather it be cold than hot, because you can always keep warm if it's cold. There's only so much you can take off when it's hot......

At least the summers in Cali are not like the summers in the east coast. I used to live in Virginia and Florida, and on top of it being hot in the summer it's HUMID. *shudder* it's like the worst combination. Summers in California are dry, which also is annoying but it's better than sweating on top of your sweat and feeling sticky. I usually try to hibernate in the summer so I won't get a tan, lol but that never ends up happening and I always get super dark. Cursessss!!

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