Day 60: Pretty stars and shallow needs

HWUAT two photos???!! *flips table*

Yeah, but I did it because I just couldn't NOT show the cuteness of these little star beads. 

I really miss that XZ-1. That 1.8 f stop was mad sexy and produced some of the best shallowest depth of field photos I have seen in EVER. Sadly, I only had it in my possession for a short while. I ended up choosing my LX5 over it because it had focusing issues. But let's forget about the camera for a second and just glorify how much of a star fiend I am.

FYI: "F-stop" controls your field of view. In short, the lower the f-stop number, the more focus your foreground is and the blurrier your background will be. The higher the f-stop number, the wider your area of focus will be. How much focus or how little focus depends on the lens type you use.

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