Day 58: Alone isn't always a bad thing

I walk this road alone. 

Not because I have no one to walk it with, 
but because I choose to walk alone. 

Our society has this very blatant depiction of 'loneliness' in that it's a very negative thing. 
How many people our age would go watch a movie by themselves? And if you see people watching a movie at the theater by themselves, you might be thinking or saying, "aw that's sad". But is it? 

When "Inception" came out a couple of years ago, I watched it with friends. It was so fascinating to me that I watched it a second time with a couple of other friends. But there were things that bothered me even the second time around, so I went on to watch it for a third time, only this time I watched it by myself. Am I so 'cool' and antisociety, that I didn't give a damn about what people thought of me? Uh...yeah...of course. Nah, actually I thought about it numerous times before. I'm even admittedly, one of those people who thinks "aww that's sad" when I see people at a theater alone. But when I went in to watch Inception, I was DETERMINED. It wasn't that I cared what people thought and went alone anyway, it was more the fact that I wasn't thinking about it at all. I just wanted to see the damn movie because I KNEW the outcome of the ending was hidden in there somewhere and I was bothered that I didn't catch it the second time. 

When I watched it for the third time, I enjoyed it ten fold. I walked out of the theater, walking with my ipod on, listening to Hans Zimmer's mind altering soundtrack. I didn't even know where I was walking but I kept walking and thinking about the movie. I enjoyed thinking to myself. It was like, I was having this philosophical convo with myself and it felt refreshing. 
After that, I definitely knew that I wouldn't mind going to social places alone if I really wanted to. 

The point is, I do like doing things alone sometimes. I don't know, it gives me a sense of self I guess. It makes me feel like I can bond with myself and not have to put myself out there for others. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and of course, I do feel lonely when I'm always by myself, but having time to yourself is important and it shouldn't be about what people will think about you. If I could, I would go to Disneyland by myself--probably to eat food there and come back lol. I feel like, if something calls out to you and you desperately want to go but no one wants or can come with you, GO ANYWAY. DO it anyway. Maybe it's your soul calling out to you for attention. Maybe you have surrounded yourself with company too often and your soul is lost as the outcome. Whatever you want to make of it, there is nothing wrong with a little "me time". You'd be surprised how much you learn about yourself. 

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