Day 56: Beauty in the mundane | An origin story

I took this photo in 2008 with a Canon XTi that I borrowed from my school. This was the first time I ever had my hands on a DSLR. I shot this little plant at my mom's apartment and although not significantly awesome or anything, this photo is one of my favorites. It was the first time I felt like I truly appreciated photography. It was the first time I saw beauty in the mundane. I mean, if you saw this plant in person, it looks boring and not really worthy of a shot. I never even thought I would find use in this 'practice' photo, but the first time I pulled it up on my computer, I realized why photography is so highly appreciated. You really do find beauty in anything, through a different perspective. We can look at this plant close up and see a similar picture, but there is something more meaningful about capturing it in a photo. 

What really made this shot significant to me over time is when I found out that this plant had died. I thought about it and it's almost like seeing a photograph of a deceased person. That's the other beauty of photography. You can capture something and it's as if photographs bring a kind of immortality to living things. This plant may be dead, but when I'm looking at it here, I feel it's very much alive. And that's how I feel about people as well. There is something hauntingly 'real' about seeing a picture of someone or something, whether it's alive or not. Maybe the saying is true. Maybe photographs do capture the 'soul'. 

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