Day 51: Apothecary jars

I finally found the perfect jar to store my nail polishes! The taller on on the right is where I stashed all my China Glaze polishes. I haven't found a proper use for the small mason jar on the left yet, so for now I just stashed some of my Lime Crime polishes in there. They're so cute and pastel! Some people were asking me if it was a hassle to get colors out of the jar when I wanted it, but when I do my nails, I usually take a bit to decide what I want to do. So I usually end up just putting all the polishes on my bed anyway. The jars just give them an aesthetic to my living space and I really love it because they're so colorful and pretty.

It's the details that make a living space fun and joyful. For me, I love putting pretty much anything on display for me to look at. Even if it's not the most convenient of things, it doesn't matter to me as long as it looks pretty.

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