66/365: Summer days are coming

I've been working all week on my online portfolio and haven't really had time to do anything else. I mean really. I haven't touched Aion in like 3 days! A few days ago, the weather was crazy hot here in SoCal. I was seriously dying in my apt because it was so hot. It's gotten much cooler now but it's still fairly warm. Stepping outside really reminds me that Summer is almost here. Summer always gives me nostalgia of all the fun things I used to do while I was still in K-12. Back then, I actually had a Summer and boy was it something every kid looked forward to. Can you deny all the excitement you had knowing that you had three months off from school to do whatever you want? It was the best feeling in the whole world. As an adult, the thought of 'Summer' changed in meaning, at least for me. It has no longer become something to look forward to because I don't really have a "Summer break". Since I started college, it was either I had classes in the Summer or work in the Summer, so it always felt the same. The only thing I was bracing for was the heat. But even though that's how I feel about Summer time, I still think the positive part of Summer is just remembering good times. As sad as that sounds, when it's Summer time, I really do bask in the past, and then it's straight back to reality. 
I took this photo from the LA county fair about two Summers ago. There are the occasional events in my adult life where Summer still has its charm. Besides, after Summer is my favorite season: Autumn!!


I have to admit, as the days go on with this project, I tend to forget a lot more about posting a photo each day. I think I'll stop putting photos in the day after if I miss a day and just let that day be missed lol. One of the things that I was afraid of doing with this project is losing 'meaning' behind each photo a day. The point is not to just post a random photo but actually post something that either refers to that day or something you were thinking about. So far, I have posted filler photos of things I was thinking about that day, but there are the occasional "random dump" of photos that I admittedly post here. So long story short, I'm opting for quality over quantity. 

Speaking of "quality", I have to admit that I've been lacking some 'spirit' in taking actual new photographs for the day. I know I tell people you don't need a dslr or a fancy camera to do something like this, but I'm also just very OCD about quality. Most of my compact's photos are very grainy and low quality, but look "decent" when I post them on my blog because I do a lot of post processing through photoshop. It is more of a challenge, but it's also quite annoying when I just want to post a photo without having to sit there and edit for 20mins. But a nicer camera is a complete luxury right now and it really isn't realistic to think about with my current budget; plus I don't want to opt for a cheap entry level DSLR. $400 may be "cheap" for a DSLR, but I'd rather save that money and get the one I want with a better lens. So to be honest, even though I've taken some photos with my cam, I couldn't stand the quality enough to post it up. I mean really, they were that bad. A part of the challenge with a compact is also that there is no viewfinder and I don't get a very accurate representation through the screen. Anyway, I could go on about my annoyances with cameras and camera quality, but I'll save that for a rainy day. /rant

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