53/365: Shittier phone, better camera.

This was my old phone, the HTC Rhyme, I had it for two years before I switched over to my current Galaxy S3. And even though this phone sucked a$$, I still think it had one of the better cameras on a phone. For a 5mp phone, this thing took some sharp photographs! One of the things I noticed is that HTC tends to focus on shutter speed a bit, so that photos get snapped quickly, which results in less blurry photos. I didn't have much trouble with blurry photos. On my Galaxy S3, even though it's a much more technologically advanced phone, has a slower snap so that movement is always captured as a blur. I don't know if I'm explaining this right, but it sucks that I can never have the best of both worlds with phones. I still love my G3 wayyyy more than I do this HTC, but it did have a nice camera at least. 

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