Day 77: Bananas OP

This is another League of Legends reference. My cat, Jax, was named after a character in LoL and that banana was from Riot swag I got when I visited the office.

"Bananas op" is a joke the LoL community came up with. There's a champion named Soraka that uses a wand in the shape of a crescent, and the abilities show up as little crescents that look like bananas. "OP" means "over powered" which is a phrase people like to use to describe some abilities in this game that are too powerful or do a lot of damage. It sounds stupid when you try and explain it as a non player, but I tried. 


Day 71: Preparing for dreaded heat plague aka "Summer"

Patrick and I have been going crazy over Uniqlo lately. They just have the best fit, the simple look we like, and the best prices for what you get. I'm a Winter fiend and I hate hot weather, so my closet is actually filled with like 70% Fall/Winter clothes and like 20% Spring-ish-neutral-weather-for-California clothes and the remaining is my sorry amount of Summer time clothes. But since the AC system in our apt sucks and when it's hot it gets REALLY unbearably hot in the apt, I just said EFF IT. I'm getting summer clothes. Plus, everything on Uniqlo that we ordered was on sale and is super cheap.

If I lived in a perfect world, it would be 68 degrees all the time, anytime. I really can't stand hot weather at all. I'd rather it be cold than hot, because you can always keep warm if it's cold. There's only so much you can take off when it's hot......

At least the summers in Cali are not like the summers in the east coast. I used to live in Virginia and Florida, and on top of it being hot in the summer it's HUMID. *shudder* it's like the worst combination. Summers in California are dry, which also is annoying but it's better than sweating on top of your sweat and feeling sticky. I usually try to hibernate in the summer so I won't get a tan, lol but that never ends up happening and I always get super dark. Cursessss!!


66/365: Summer days are coming

I've been working all week on my online portfolio and haven't really had time to do anything else. I mean really. I haven't touched Aion in like 3 days! A few days ago, the weather was crazy hot here in SoCal. I was seriously dying in my apt because it was so hot. It's gotten much cooler now but it's still fairly warm. Stepping outside really reminds me that Summer is almost here. Summer always gives me nostalgia of all the fun things I used to do while I was still in K-12. Back then, I actually had a Summer and boy was it something every kid looked forward to. Can you deny all the excitement you had knowing that you had three months off from school to do whatever you want? It was the best feeling in the whole world. As an adult, the thought of 'Summer' changed in meaning, at least for me. It has no longer become something to look forward to because I don't really have a "Summer break". Since I started college, it was either I had classes in the Summer or work in the Summer, so it always felt the same. The only thing I was bracing for was the heat. But even though that's how I feel about Summer time, I still think the positive part of Summer is just remembering good times. As sad as that sounds, when it's Summer time, I really do bask in the past, and then it's straight back to reality. 
I took this photo from the LA county fair about two Summers ago. There are the occasional events in my adult life where Summer still has its charm. Besides, after Summer is my favorite season: Autumn!!


I have to admit, as the days go on with this project, I tend to forget a lot more about posting a photo each day. I think I'll stop putting photos in the day after if I miss a day and just let that day be missed lol. One of the things that I was afraid of doing with this project is losing 'meaning' behind each photo a day. The point is not to just post a random photo but actually post something that either refers to that day or something you were thinking about. So far, I have posted filler photos of things I was thinking about that day, but there are the occasional "random dump" of photos that I admittedly post here. So long story short, I'm opting for quality over quantity. 

Speaking of "quality", I have to admit that I've been lacking some 'spirit' in taking actual new photographs for the day. I know I tell people you don't need a dslr or a fancy camera to do something like this, but I'm also just very OCD about quality. Most of my compact's photos are very grainy and low quality, but look "decent" when I post them on my blog because I do a lot of post processing through photoshop. It is more of a challenge, but it's also quite annoying when I just want to post a photo without having to sit there and edit for 20mins. But a nicer camera is a complete luxury right now and it really isn't realistic to think about with my current budget; plus I don't want to opt for a cheap entry level DSLR. $400 may be "cheap" for a DSLR, but I'd rather save that money and get the one I want with a better lens. So to be honest, even though I've taken some photos with my cam, I couldn't stand the quality enough to post it up. I mean really, they were that bad. A part of the challenge with a compact is also that there is no viewfinder and I don't get a very accurate representation through the screen. Anyway, I could go on about my annoyances with cameras and camera quality, but I'll save that for a rainy day. /rant


64/365: Getting Pirate syndrome from lack of sleep......my eye is all like wtfdizzle

Today I end the reign of terrible quality photo-a-day photos and pull in a good ole throw back photo that I took with a DSLR. As much as I love my compact and am trying oh so hard to save up before splurging on a expensive camera again, I have to admit that there is no match for a dslr quality image. 

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, I spent the last 7+hrs working on my online portfolio. I've been holding off on it for years, literally. Which is neither smart or convenient when I want to show people my stuff. I've just been using a printed portfolio, which is good too, but that thing is HEAVY and it's not convenient at all. Besides, what am I, living in the 60's?? I NEED an online portfolio. I actually had a somewhat portfolio on tumblr for a while, then progressed to blogspot, and now--well, it's a secret, but when it's finally sorta done, I'll let you guys know. 

I should be sleeping because obviously, I have not slept yet, but I felt compelled to post my photo a day today because I think this photo is really pretty and reminds me why I'm a graphic designer. I can edit the shit out of the ugliest photographs and they can come out looking special. Now that's magic. 


61/365: Love always, Vegas

It feels like everyone is in Vegas this weekend. Actually, who am I kidding? Everyone is in Vegas every weekend. When you live in So Cal, Vegas becomes one of those places that we SoCalian's like to consider a 'mini vaca spot'. No matter how many times I've been to Vegas, I can never get tired of it. There is just something about being there that makes you feel like you're far away from ordinary life, even if it's only a mere 4hr drive. 


Day 60: Pretty stars and shallow needs

HWUAT two photos???!! *flips table*

Yeah, but I did it because I just couldn't NOT show the cuteness of these little star beads. 

I really miss that XZ-1. That 1.8 f stop was mad sexy and produced some of the best shallowest depth of field photos I have seen in EVER. Sadly, I only had it in my possession for a short while. I ended up choosing my LX5 over it because it had focusing issues. But let's forget about the camera for a second and just glorify how much of a star fiend I am.

FYI: "F-stop" controls your field of view. In short, the lower the f-stop number, the more focus your foreground is and the blurrier your background will be. The higher the f-stop number, the wider your area of focus will be. How much focus or how little focus depends on the lens type you use.

Making the best out of shitty cellphone photos

Even though my camera is already compact, I'm the type of person that doesn't like carrying around a lot of things with them. I think I envy guys in that respect. At least they don't really have to worry about purses, which are expensive and cumbersome at times. Anyway, there are times when I'm going somewhere and I either forget to bring my camera or I just don't want to, so then I rely on my phone to capture any moments.

Not that my phone's camera is bad, but it's definitely not that great. In fact, my old Rhyme with its dinky 5 megapixels had better image quality than the S3, but that's just my opinion. I would've gotten the HTC One if it was available for Verizon since it seems like HTC knows whats up when it comes to cameras on phones. Grr...but that's a-whole-nother topic to talk about another day. My point is, I've had my gripes with cellphone quality photos, but sometimes it's all you have and it doesn't mean you can't make it work.

I'm no photographer, so take my advice with a grain of salt. But I do find that pictures tend to look better on camera phones when you try taking things in a different perspective. Don't treat your phone like it's just a phone. Pretend you're holding an amazing, fancy SLR camera and WORK IT.


Day 59: Feelin kinda fruity

I started doing Keto with my boyfriend, and the one thing I miss eating the most isn't even bread or cookies! I miss eating froyo and fruit!! 

You can have some fruits on Keto, in very small amounts, but I've just been aching for some real fruit. I love eating bananas like on the daily, so it's really hard for me to resist fruit. All I know is, the first thing I eat when I get off Keto is some yogurtland with a lot of FRUIT!

FYI: Keto is basically Atkins (high fat, low carb)


Day 58: Alone isn't always a bad thing

I walk this road alone. 

Not because I have no one to walk it with, 
but because I choose to walk alone. 

Our society has this very blatant depiction of 'loneliness' in that it's a very negative thing. 
How many people our age would go watch a movie by themselves? And if you see people watching a movie at the theater by themselves, you might be thinking or saying, "aw that's sad". But is it? 

When "Inception" came out a couple of years ago, I watched it with friends. It was so fascinating to me that I watched it a second time with a couple of other friends. But there were things that bothered me even the second time around, so I went on to watch it for a third time, only this time I watched it by myself. Am I so 'cool' and antisociety, that I didn't give a damn about what people thought of me? Uh...yeah...of course. Nah, actually I thought about it numerous times before. I'm even admittedly, one of those people who thinks "aww that's sad" when I see people at a theater alone. But when I went in to watch Inception, I was DETERMINED. It wasn't that I cared what people thought and went alone anyway, it was more the fact that I wasn't thinking about it at all. I just wanted to see the damn movie because I KNEW the outcome of the ending was hidden in there somewhere and I was bothered that I didn't catch it the second time. 

When I watched it for the third time, I enjoyed it ten fold. I walked out of the theater, walking with my ipod on, listening to Hans Zimmer's mind altering soundtrack. I didn't even know where I was walking but I kept walking and thinking about the movie. I enjoyed thinking to myself. It was like, I was having this philosophical convo with myself and it felt refreshing. 
After that, I definitely knew that I wouldn't mind going to social places alone if I really wanted to. 

The point is, I do like doing things alone sometimes. I don't know, it gives me a sense of self I guess. It makes me feel like I can bond with myself and not have to put myself out there for others. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and of course, I do feel lonely when I'm always by myself, but having time to yourself is important and it shouldn't be about what people will think about you. If I could, I would go to Disneyland by myself--probably to eat food there and come back lol. I feel like, if something calls out to you and you desperately want to go but no one wants or can come with you, GO ANYWAY. DO it anyway. Maybe it's your soul calling out to you for attention. Maybe you have surrounded yourself with company too often and your soul is lost as the outcome. Whatever you want to make of it, there is nothing wrong with a little "me time". You'd be surprised how much you learn about yourself. 


Day 57: Nostalgia

In grade school we had this playground with an awesome tire swing that could fit 2 or 3 kids at once. And a bunch of us would go on there while the rest of the kids would push the tire swing around until it was spinning out of control. Usually it would end up in at least one person getting motion sickness and puking. I think I puked twice. I really hated that thing after a while.......but I kept going on it anyway.

Good times.............


Day 56: Beauty in the mundane | An origin story

I took this photo in 2008 with a Canon XTi that I borrowed from my school. This was the first time I ever had my hands on a DSLR. I shot this little plant at my mom's apartment and although not significantly awesome or anything, this photo is one of my favorites. It was the first time I felt like I truly appreciated photography. It was the first time I saw beauty in the mundane. I mean, if you saw this plant in person, it looks boring and not really worthy of a shot. I never even thought I would find use in this 'practice' photo, but the first time I pulled it up on my computer, I realized why photography is so highly appreciated. You really do find beauty in anything, through a different perspective. We can look at this plant close up and see a similar picture, but there is something more meaningful about capturing it in a photo. 

What really made this shot significant to me over time is when I found out that this plant had died. I thought about it and it's almost like seeing a photograph of a deceased person. That's the other beauty of photography. You can capture something and it's as if photographs bring a kind of immortality to living things. This plant may be dead, but when I'm looking at it here, I feel it's very much alive. And that's how I feel about people as well. There is something hauntingly 'real' about seeing a picture of someone or something, whether it's alive or not. Maybe the saying is true. Maybe photographs do capture the 'soul'. 


Things I Love: Makeup I rarely use.

Pictured: Skin 79 BB cream "The Oriental" | M.A.C fix + (seriously this stuff is MAGIC) | Givenchy "Play" perfume | 3W Clinic foundation compact | Rimmel "Scandaleyes" mascara | Stila waterproof liquid liner in black | M.A.C. "Heatherette collection" pink/nude lipstick

To be honest, I don't really like wearing makeup. It's kind of a hassle to put it on and take it off, and since my skin is sensitive, my face rejects makeup after a while. But for whatever reason, I keep buying makeup and have a slight obsession with it. You know when someone tries to explain something girly by saying, "It's a girl thing"? Well, yeah. Makeup would be one of those things. There really is no better way of explaining it.

55/365: Me likey Americano

Ever since I was a little kid, I always had this fascination with coffee. I would take a sip of my mom's coffee whenever I could because I thought it was delicious! I also loved the smell of coffee. But I never thought I would like my coffee 'black'. I liked the aspect of having cream in the coffee but I didn't really like the bitter taste of plain coffee. During college years and teenage years, I always had frapps and blended coffee drinks. Nowadays, I always get Americano with a little room for cream. It's cheap, it's less fattening, and I've grown to like the taste of black coffee!

Why is that? Why is it that as we get older, our taste buds change? I can't drink regular soda anymore because it became way too sweet. I rarely ever eat candy, and a lot of desserts are too sweet and I usually opt for the tart kinds. I guess it's kind of evolutionary in a way. As we get older, our bodies don't function the same way as it used to. Our metabolism slows down. Our body slowly breaks down. So I guess in a way, a change in taste buds is a way to enforce ourselves to eat healthier too. It kinda makes sense I guess. Most of the things I loved eating as a kid, I can't stand to eating anymore as an adult. But one thing has remained true, and that is that I will always love coffee in whatever form it comes in.

EAT ME: Appetite for design

I know I made a "photo a day" post about this book, but I felt like that photo with 4 segments showing the book just didn't do it enough justice! I mean seriously, I don't know what blows me away more; the cover of the book or the content. Okay, probably the content, but the cover is amazing too. 


Day 54: Colour Mania

Here's another inspiration book that I reference quite often when I'm designing. This is another awesome book by graphic design books publisher Victionary, the same publisher for "Eat Me". Each chapter is filled with a color of the spectrum and proceeds with pages of vibrant design works in that respective color. It's an amazing reference book for ideas based on specific colors. They also delve into black and white and the full rainbow spectrum. It's a good way to think of how colors compliment a design piece, as every single design piece has a lot of thought put into it. As most of you know, colors are important in design because they reflect certain moods and feelings. And every good design piece uses careful consideration in choosing the right colors to convey the right meaning.


53/365: Shittier phone, better camera.

This was my old phone, the HTC Rhyme, I had it for two years before I switched over to my current Galaxy S3. And even though this phone sucked a$$, I still think it had one of the better cameras on a phone. For a 5mp phone, this thing took some sharp photographs! One of the things I noticed is that HTC tends to focus on shutter speed a bit, so that photos get snapped quickly, which results in less blurry photos. I didn't have much trouble with blurry photos. On my Galaxy S3, even though it's a much more technologically advanced phone, has a slower snap so that movement is always captured as a blur. I don't know if I'm explaining this right, but it sucks that I can never have the best of both worlds with phones. I still love my G3 wayyyy more than I do this HTC, but it did have a nice camera at least. 


52/365: Arm Party

This is actually my friend Christina's arm. I love the edgy jewels she has going on, and I love how everything fits together. The center piece is actually a bracelet that I made and gave her the first time I saw her at Exchange LA. It's made with a gunmetal chain and a Swarovski crystal flatback. I love the idea of raver's giving out kandi as a way to remember good times and promote love and peace. Even though my bracelet isn't "kandi", I think it served the same purpose. :)


Day 51: Apothecary jars

I finally found the perfect jar to store my nail polishes! The taller on on the right is where I stashed all my China Glaze polishes. I haven't found a proper use for the small mason jar on the left yet, so for now I just stashed some of my Lime Crime polishes in there. They're so cute and pastel! Some people were asking me if it was a hassle to get colors out of the jar when I wanted it, but when I do my nails, I usually take a bit to decide what I want to do. So I usually end up just putting all the polishes on my bed anyway. The jars just give them an aesthetic to my living space and I really love it because they're so colorful and pretty.

It's the details that make a living space fun and joyful. For me, I love putting pretty much anything on display for me to look at. Even if it's not the most convenient of things, it doesn't matter to me as long as it looks pretty.