Days 29 ~ 32: To Vehaass

 HOKKAYY. I totally did not upload these 2 nights ago, when I said I would......but you know what, I still did it. And that's what counts.

So as you should know by my previous post, I was in Vegas this week. I took some of the most uncreative / ugliest photos, but you know what........it's the thought that counts. Not that a lot of 'thought' went into taking these photos, but you know what........shut up.

Since I didn't have internet to upload my "photo-a-day", I'm going to mass upload the last 4 days. I know it sounds like I'm just posting random pics I took from my Vegas trip, but I honestly took each photo for that day, so ya know...

Day 29: Earl's 
After many recommendations and high praises from friends, I finally got to try Earl of Sandwich! This place is open 24hrs, how damn convenient for my always-hungry stomach. And get this, I had Earl's THREE times in the 3 days I was there. That's a sammich a day lol. What can I say? It was cheap, good, and always open. The first day (as pictured below) I ordered the Caprese sandwich. Caprese is one of my favorite dishes, and the sandwich was yumm. Earl's served me well. I actually skipped out on the opportunity to have Wicked Spoon, but opted for Earls. SAY WHAAAT? I know, it sound crazy, but I was busy gambling away my money. I mean--whatever. 

Day 30: Mystère
On the second night, we (as in my bf and I) went to see our first Cirque du Soleil! I was stoked. I have never seen one before, so I was excited to see this one. We opted to see Mystere over KÀ and Zarkana, because I heard Zarkana got "so-so" reviews, and KÀ was pretty damn expensive. Plus, Mystere was the one that started it all, so I think it's a good place to start. Needless to say, it was amaaazing! Tickets are obviously going to be pricey, but I think it's well worth it. I can't wait to see the other shows in Vegas now. My 'hit' list of shows to see in Vegas are: "La Reve", "Ka", "O", and "Absinthe". These are the ones I want to see the most anyway.

Day 31: Payard's Macaroons
The last time I went to Vegas, I stayed at Caesar's Palace, and they had this confectionery store called "Paryard's". I wanted to try their macaroons but didn't have the chance to last time. I dared not pass by that chance again. Are macaroons a ridiculously expensive, over-hyped, French dessert? Yes. But they taste interesting and they look pretty. I don't really think there needs to be more of an excuse than that. 

Day 32: A stroll under pretty lights and fake skies
On the last day, we walked around Miracle Mile and looked for a place to eat. We ended up having Earl's LAWLLL. Yeah, I dunno. Also we spent $17 at the Sugar Factory. WTF. Never again. It's not even that good of candy! We could've gotten some more of those posh macaroons with $17. But you know what.........that's okay. Because it's Vegas. Anyway, as I was desperately trying to find a nice photo to snap for that day, I almost gave up hope. I didn't see anything that interesting that could highlight the day. But then we came across this seafood restaurant area with nice, romantic lighting. It wasn't the best capture, but I thought the colors and mood of the area really captured the 'feeling', and that's close enough.

Extra: Bath time!
We stayed at Planet Hollywood and the bathroom was so spacious and awesome. It had this deep bathtub in there that I used many, many, times. It may not seem overly luxurious or even that "special", but honestly, compared to standard bathtubs, this thing was awesome okay. I love taking baths. I think it's soothing, relaxing, and feels oh so good. I'm pretty sure I used this thing every night, at least twice a night. I didn't want to post this photo at first, because I hate it. The lighting in the bathroom was really dim, and I hate using flash on my camera because the quality is terribad. But you know what, I couldn't just NOT blog about this bathtub. It was a big part of my Vegas stay. Laugh as you may, it was amazing. I won't forget you bathtub. One day when I'm ballin, I will have you in my home.

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