Day 46: Sugary Pink!

If you thought my phone was sugary cute before, well, now it's super sugary cute! 
I bought a matching matte screen protector with the phone case. The case and cover are both from Korea. I'm glad the Galaxy S3 is a popular phone in Korea, because at least I can get some cute accessories for it! I'm in love with these cases, and by "love" I mean, borderline 'obsessed'. I just think the colors are really unique. Even though this is 'pink', I haven't seen any other S3 case in this sugary shade of pink. Plus, finding a full colored screen protector is hard to find. And it's matte! I had a matte screen protector before but it was too big and would be in the way of the cover. But since this one in particular was made to go along with the case, it fits perfectly! I even managed to get it on perfectly aligned! I bought a 3 pack of matte screen protectors before from ebay, that was like $1.50. I used up all of them because it took me 3 tries to get it right =___=, only to have it all f*cked up anyway. This one is perfect. Easy to put on, and very easy to make sure it's well aligned. 

And yes, pastel green nails to keep the cuteness going. I don't know how I'm such a girly girl with my tomboy persona and attitude, but some things in life are just meant to be cute and I 100% embrace that.

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  1. is this the mercury case you told me about? if it is, then i have the same one! :D i only have one so far because i just wanted to try it out, and this is the color i decided on! i definitely want more (: