Day 44: Aion: The MMO for vain people

What's this??? A non photographic photo of the day???? Is it possible?? I just did it.....so yeah.......it is possible.

I've been playing a video game lately called Aion. It's free to play so I thought, why not. Before this I was only playing one game and that was LoL. And as much as I love LoL, I really wanted a break and try a game that is more dynamic than just fighting against other people. Since Aion is like an RPG (role playing game) the world of course is much more dynamic. I've actually never played this style of game before, so I felt incredibly lost when I started. In fact, even now, I'm pretty lost! I'm trying to find groups of people to play with because it's also getting a bit difficult. I'm sorry if you have no knowledge of video games and this isn't a post you'd understand and/or care about, but at least enjoy the fine handiwork of my cool looking character. :)

I spent hours just trying to customize my character's armor. It takes a lot of in game currency and a lot of time to find the right set of armor, but in the end, I'm super happy with how it looks. The most expensive part of customizing is definitely getting dyes. Dyes are super rare to come by and can only be made or bought through the player's market (Trade Broker). I may be completely broke right now (in game) but I think it was totally worth it. I think it's part of Aion's charm to be able to customize your character so much. To me, that's the most fun part of a game!

It's funny because most people wait until a much higher level before they start blowing money on customizing. I'm only level 20 and the highest I believe is lvl 60! But I don't wait around. I like looking at how cool my character looks and I honestly think I'll be happy with this look for a little bit. But just in case I get tired of it, I also invested in another set LOL. So I can switch around. Gotta keep it interesting!

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