Day 41: Urth Caffe

Went to the popular 'Urth Caffe' for the first time today! I've heard about this place from almost everyone I know but for some reason, never had the chance to go there myself. And I'm pleased to say that the food is as good as it looks!
I had the grilled Caprese panini and it was o-m-g delicious. My favorite grilled sandwich is 'Caprese' so I'm always looking for one that actually matches my standards. This place did not disappoint. The girls and I shared this amazing fruitcake and it was amazeballs!! I love this place!!

Urth Caffe is known for their delicious teas and coffees with its signature leaf design from the froth. I got the English Tea Latte and it's a nice mixture of subtle flavors and froth. Super recommend this place to anyone in L.A. 

BTW, I took these photos with my Galaxy S3! Kinda dope right? lol. Of course I edited it quite a bit, but the image quality is actually not too shabby. I'm kind of in awe that phones can take such high quality images. I actually forgot to bring my compact camera so I compensated with my phone. All hail technology. 

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