Day 39: Empty but not alone

Lately I've been really into little craft jars. The only problem is that I can't really seem to find a good use for them. I want to keep them relatively dry and clean, so food is out of the question. When I went to the Container store, I picked up a couple of these Mason jars in different sizes. The bigger one I used to store my cute vintage looking striped straws (as I posted about previously). I couldn't resist getting this little one, but I have no real use for it, so for the time being it's been empty.

Then I found myself putting my new phone on top of the jar pretty frequently. Hmm....I'm not sure why since I have a desk.....but I don't know how to quite explain it but that it's a good height for me to put my phone down and pick up. I didn't even realize I was really doing it until I decided to look at it tonight. I thought it made for an interesting aesthetic. At least now my jar won't be lonely until I fill it up with something.

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