Day 38: Nidalee boat

I tend to be a bit bias towards my own cats when it comes to taking pictures of them. Jax, my black and white cat is really photogenic so it's fun to take photos of him. Nidalee on the other hand, usually just sits there. It's harder to take different poses of her because she's not as enthusiastic about the camera in her face. Regardless, I love my cats all the same. And Nida is such a pretty cat! It's hard to tell, but she's a tortoiseshell and has specs of golden blonde and red all over her dark brown coat. From afar, she looks like a dark brown cat, but up close she has this beautiful fur color. She is absolutely adorable. Also, Nida is a very small cat. She kinda looks like a teenage kitten still and I'm pretty sure she will stay that way. 

"Nidalee" is a character from League of Legends. Yes, we named both our cats after characters from LoL, but Nidalee kinda makes sense because in game, she turns into a giant feline. lol

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