Day 35: EAT ME

I've always struggled with coming up with ideas and creative solutions for designs. It's not something that any designer wants to admit, but most of us can relate. Sometimes the only solution for those 'creative blocks' are to just engage in other things until something inspires you. For me, anything from photography to TV and even video games can become a form of inspiration. But in a more related fashion, I turn to design books for inspiration.

This is one of my favorites in my collection. Victionary produces some of the 'sickest' design books. They have saved my soul numerous times when I felt stuck in a design rut. This one is more geared towards food package designing in particular, but I've used this book as inspiration for many different design ideas. I see myself going back to this book for reference or inspiration over and over again. As a graphic designer, I really think because we are such visual people, investing in creative books are always worth it. Besides, the cover of this one looks like a wafer cookie. How could I resist?

{Day 34 ran away and I haven't been able to catch it. So yeah, no day 34......}

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