45/365: Remember the Monte Cristo

Looking at this picture makes me really hungry, but it also makes me really miss Disneyland. Last year, my boyfriend and I had the Disneyland annual passes, before the price increase (again....). We also lived in Irvine, which was a convenient drive to Disneyland. I really just miss being in that atmosphere and having something to do when there's nothing else to do. I also really miss the food there.

Here is the infamous Monte Cristo sandwich, which is basically a super ham and cheese melt with some kind of fried bread, powdered with sugar on top. Then you dip this bad boy into this delicious, sweet jam dip. It is amazeballs. It's also quite pricey too at $16 a dish! I always forget the name of the restaurant but I know it's in New Orlean's Square. 

And yes, another filler photo. What can I say, I am forgetful lol. I also have a night class on Thursdays and am usually busy trying to procrastinate my ass off to the very last minute. It also happens to be a photography class! lol. It's a requirement for my major, which makes sense since we're always editing and touching up photos.

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