Day 50: Comfort in vanity

I used to hate the idea of having a vanity table right next to my computer, but over time, I feel like it's convenient. Whenever I need my lotions or put on a quick face, I can just scoot my chair over and everything is right there in front of me. I live in a very small apartment complex with my boyfriend, so sharing a one bedroom space with another person; let alone, a guy, is a bit of a challenge. But luckily for me, my bf doesn't really have a lot of stuff. Actually, most of the stuff in the room is mine (lol) but when I get a bigger space, I really want my own vanity table. There's just something about having that little space to myself that I really love. It's comforting in a way.


48/365: Behind the happiness.....

Do you ever feel like you're so close to happiness, yet you know that you're still out of it's reach? It's as if something constantly holds you back from reaching that happiness. And all you can do until you figure out how to get there, is watch your blissful wishes from afar. Living vicariously through a screen, behind a gate, behind a person......it seems that's all we can succumb to because we're afraid to try harder. The reality is, the closer something good is to you, the harder you have to work to get it. So it's really up to you. Will you live your life vicariously through others, behind a window? Or will you give your everything to feel the blissfulness for yourself?


47/365: Edit, Drink, Listen

I spent my day editing photos, drinking coffee, and listening to music. It's pretty relaxing to me.


Day 46: Sugary Pink!

If you thought my phone was sugary cute before, well, now it's super sugary cute! 
I bought a matching matte screen protector with the phone case. The case and cover are both from Korea. I'm glad the Galaxy S3 is a popular phone in Korea, because at least I can get some cute accessories for it! I'm in love with these cases, and by "love" I mean, borderline 'obsessed'. I just think the colors are really unique. Even though this is 'pink', I haven't seen any other S3 case in this sugary shade of pink. Plus, finding a full colored screen protector is hard to find. And it's matte! I had a matte screen protector before but it was too big and would be in the way of the cover. But since this one in particular was made to go along with the case, it fits perfectly! I even managed to get it on perfectly aligned! I bought a 3 pack of matte screen protectors before from ebay, that was like $1.50. I used up all of them because it took me 3 tries to get it right =___=, only to have it all f*cked up anyway. This one is perfect. Easy to put on, and very easy to make sure it's well aligned. 

And yes, pastel green nails to keep the cuteness going. I don't know how I'm such a girly girl with my tomboy persona and attitude, but some things in life are just meant to be cute and I 100% embrace that.


45/365: Remember the Monte Cristo

Looking at this picture makes me really hungry, but it also makes me really miss Disneyland. Last year, my boyfriend and I had the Disneyland annual passes, before the price increase (again....). We also lived in Irvine, which was a convenient drive to Disneyland. I really just miss being in that atmosphere and having something to do when there's nothing else to do. I also really miss the food there.

Here is the infamous Monte Cristo sandwich, which is basically a super ham and cheese melt with some kind of fried bread, powdered with sugar on top. Then you dip this bad boy into this delicious, sweet jam dip. It is amazeballs. It's also quite pricey too at $16 a dish! I always forget the name of the restaurant but I know it's in New Orlean's Square. 

And yes, another filler photo. What can I say, I am forgetful lol. I also have a night class on Thursdays and am usually busy trying to procrastinate my ass off to the very last minute. It also happens to be a photography class! lol. It's a requirement for my major, which makes sense since we're always editing and touching up photos.


Day 44: Aion: The MMO for vain people

What's this??? A non photographic photo of the day???? Is it possible?? I just did it.....so yeah.......it is possible.

I've been playing a video game lately called Aion. It's free to play so I thought, why not. Before this I was only playing one game and that was LoL. And as much as I love LoL, I really wanted a break and try a game that is more dynamic than just fighting against other people. Since Aion is like an RPG (role playing game) the world of course is much more dynamic. I've actually never played this style of game before, so I felt incredibly lost when I started. In fact, even now, I'm pretty lost! I'm trying to find groups of people to play with because it's also getting a bit difficult. I'm sorry if you have no knowledge of video games and this isn't a post you'd understand and/or care about, but at least enjoy the fine handiwork of my cool looking character. :)

I spent hours just trying to customize my character's armor. It takes a lot of in game currency and a lot of time to find the right set of armor, but in the end, I'm super happy with how it looks. The most expensive part of customizing is definitely getting dyes. Dyes are super rare to come by and can only be made or bought through the player's market (Trade Broker). I may be completely broke right now (in game) but I think it was totally worth it. I think it's part of Aion's charm to be able to customize your character so much. To me, that's the most fun part of a game!

It's funny because most people wait until a much higher level before they start blowing money on customizing. I'm only level 20 and the highest I believe is lvl 60! But I don't wait around. I like looking at how cool my character looks and I honestly think I'll be happy with this look for a little bit. But just in case I get tired of it, I also invested in another set LOL. So I can switch around. Gotta keep it interesting!


43/365: Salted Caramel Cupcake

Whenever I skip my photo of the day, I realize that I start to feel lazy about doing it altogether. Not that I would abandon ship completely, but I just feel more lazy towards it. And eventually, knowing myself, I'd probably just stop doing it. Sooooo to prevent that from happening, I think I will start posting a photo for days I miss too so that it feels like a daily ritual instead of an assignment.

Of course, I have tons of photos from various years and dates sitting in my folders. I think it will be nice to throw in those photos here whenever I miss a day to take a photo. It won't be a habit I promise. I just like having something there so I can fulfill my blog more. 

Anyway, blah blah blah. 

So today I did not get a chance to take a photo, but here is one that brings on some good memories. This is a super cute ice cream shop in Seattle. Seattle is known for their sea salt, so  I knew I had the try the sea salt caramel. And man, it did not disappoint! Loved this place. It's in downtown Seattle near Pike's Place. 


Day 42: Derp Horse watches over

I won derp horse (aka "Bullseye") in one of those boardwalk games at Disneyland. When I think back on it, I think I had to beat a little girl in order to win it. I'm pretty sure any normal adult would've given the prize to the kid but hell no. I won it fair and square. I wouldn't even give it to my own kid because you know what, you gotta earn things in life for yourself.



Day 41: Urth Caffe

Went to the popular 'Urth Caffe' for the first time today! I've heard about this place from almost everyone I know but for some reason, never had the chance to go there myself. And I'm pleased to say that the food is as good as it looks!
I had the grilled Caprese panini and it was o-m-g delicious. My favorite grilled sandwich is 'Caprese' so I'm always looking for one that actually matches my standards. This place did not disappoint. The girls and I shared this amazing fruitcake and it was amazeballs!! I love this place!!

Urth Caffe is known for their delicious teas and coffees with its signature leaf design from the froth. I got the English Tea Latte and it's a nice mixture of subtle flavors and froth. Super recommend this place to anyone in L.A. 

BTW, I took these photos with my Galaxy S3! Kinda dope right? lol. Of course I edited it quite a bit, but the image quality is actually not too shabby. I'm kind of in awe that phones can take such high quality images. I actually forgot to bring my compact camera so I compensated with my phone. All hail technology. 

Explore: City Walk

I haven't been to City Walk in about 5yrs or so. And to think, it's about 15mins away from my place! Sometimes I forget I live in LA and that there are always places to visit. Not much has changed but it's definitely a nice, fun atmosphere there.


Day 40: Customized

I've had my S3 for a week now and I have to say, at first it was weird getting used to the size difference, but it definitely grew on me quickly. I'm a little obsessed with customization and spend hours just trying to make my phone look how I want it to. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks so far, although I'm not a huge fan of the interface of the lock screen. I hate using lock screen apps though, since they tend to glitch sometimes. If I can get the icons on the lock screen to match my home screen icons, I'll be pretty damn satisfied. 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

Speaking of 'customizing', I've spent the last four hours or so trying to customize my blog layout. 


I am not a web designer.......and I should really learn web designing because this shiet be ridiculous. It takes me so long to do such little things. I mean, honestly, its not like my blog layout is anything dynamic. I'm actually a bit OCD when it comes to customizing. I wanted my blog to look as simple as possible because it's a photo blog. But 'simple' shouldn't mean 'boring' either, so I tend to re-tweak things over and over and over again until I feel like I'm somewhat satisfied with it. To be honest, I'm never satisfied and my layout will always be changing. I guess I also get some twisted sense of satisfaction doing this. Oh digital vanity, you will be the death of me.

The Holy Trinity of Photo Editing: Curve, Color Balance, and Vibrancy

Do you have a dinky camera that shoots terribly in low light situations?
Is the lighting in your home always making indoor photography look like crap?
Do you have a folder full of photos that were taken in bad lighting, that you wish you could do something with besides having it sit there and look ugly, never to be seen by anyone ever again?

I have a solution for you my friends. It's called the "editing-the-shit-out-of-your-photos-until-it-looks-sorta-decent" technique.


Day 39: Empty but not alone

Lately I've been really into little craft jars. The only problem is that I can't really seem to find a good use for them. I want to keep them relatively dry and clean, so food is out of the question. When I went to the Container store, I picked up a couple of these Mason jars in different sizes. The bigger one I used to store my cute vintage looking striped straws (as I posted about previously). I couldn't resist getting this little one, but I have no real use for it, so for the time being it's been empty.

Then I found myself putting my new phone on top of the jar pretty frequently. Hmm....I'm not sure why since I have a desk.....but I don't know how to quite explain it but that it's a good height for me to put my phone down and pick up. I didn't even realize I was really doing it until I decided to look at it tonight. I thought it made for an interesting aesthetic. At least now my jar won't be lonely until I fill it up with something.


Day 38: Nidalee boat

I tend to be a bit bias towards my own cats when it comes to taking pictures of them. Jax, my black and white cat is really photogenic so it's fun to take photos of him. Nidalee on the other hand, usually just sits there. It's harder to take different poses of her because she's not as enthusiastic about the camera in her face. Regardless, I love my cats all the same. And Nida is such a pretty cat! It's hard to tell, but she's a tortoiseshell and has specs of golden blonde and red all over her dark brown coat. From afar, she looks like a dark brown cat, but up close she has this beautiful fur color. She is absolutely adorable. Also, Nida is a very small cat. She kinda looks like a teenage kitten still and I'm pretty sure she will stay that way. 

"Nidalee" is a character from League of Legends. Yes, we named both our cats after characters from LoL, but Nidalee kinda makes sense because in game, she turns into a giant feline. lol


Day 36: Vintage striped straws

Okay, so I've had a few people ask me where I got these straws from, as seen in yesterday's photo. I got them from this website HERE. They have some really cute party favor stuff and I was tempted to buy a bunch of party supplies that I didn't even need because they were just so cute! It's a great place to get things for baby showers or weddings. Shipping was fast too.

The mason jar is from The Container Store. {West LA | Pasadena}

You're welcome! :)


Day 35: EAT ME

I've always struggled with coming up with ideas and creative solutions for designs. It's not something that any designer wants to admit, but most of us can relate. Sometimes the only solution for those 'creative blocks' are to just engage in other things until something inspires you. For me, anything from photography to TV and even video games can become a form of inspiration. But in a more related fashion, I turn to design books for inspiration.

This is one of my favorites in my collection. Victionary produces some of the 'sickest' design books. They have saved my soul numerous times when I felt stuck in a design rut. This one is more geared towards food package designing in particular, but I've used this book as inspiration for many different design ideas. I see myself going back to this book for reference or inspiration over and over again. As a graphic designer, I really think because we are such visual people, investing in creative books are always worth it. Besides, the cover of this one looks like a wafer cookie. How could I resist?

{Day 34 ran away and I haven't been able to catch it. So yeah, no day 34......}


Day 33: Helloooo Galaxy S3

Today I got my new phone, FINALLY. HALLELUJAH. I mean, I couldn't stand another day with my old phone. It was 'that' bad. I can't even begin to explain all the things that were wrong with my shitty phone. It would drop calls all the time. Texts would not go through. Calls wouldn't go through. Wireless would pop up and screw up my data connection. Everything was slow as hell. And that's just tip of the iceberg. Switching from my old phone to my new one, felt like I was switching from 56K to DSL. My God. 

I was actually really set on waiting for the Galaxy S4 to come out (since the S3 came out last year) but I thought really hard about it (and became impatient....) and I wasn't sure if I wanted to pay $250 for a new phone, ONLY because the S3 is JUST AS GOOD. The S4 has all the shiny bells and whistles of a "new" phone, but to be honest, S3 really set things off for Samsung. I used to have the Galaxy S 4G before I downgraded my phone because I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon. I had to sell my phone obviously, since Verizon doesn't use sim cards. And I absolutely LOVED that phone. I thought the Galaxy S was amazing! The camera quality was superb. It was fast. AND I had fake 4G (since at the time, they didn't have "real" 4G speeds yet). Then I downgraded to the HTC Rhyme which is really just the dumbest "smart" phone I've ever used, with 3G that barely hit 2G's. I was almost certain I was going to get the S4, just because I figured, well, if the new phone is coming out and I'm stuck with it for the next two years, I might as well just wait for the new phone to come out. Then I found out about a deal that Newegg was offering for phone upgrades, and the Galaxy S3 was $30! I mean, cmon. That's a STEAL. So I took the bait. I don't regret it. I'm not some super tech freak where I have to have the latest and greatest new thing, even if it is enticing. The biggest factor remains that S3 is a good phone that will shine for the next couple of years, even if it is a year old. 

The Galaxy S4 is like the iPhone 5 for Android users. iPhone 4 is what really changed the game. They completely redesigned it and made it something really worthwhile to wait for. But the iPhone 5 is not that big of an upgrade. It's bigger, does a little more stuff, but it isn't an intuitive upgrade from the outstanding release of the iPhone 4 (I guess 4s is a better comparison). I feel like that's why I chose to stick with the older Galaxy S3 instead of waiting and paying 4x's more for the S4. If it was a far more major upgrade, I probably would've gone for it. So far, I love it the S3. I've played around with my friends phone so I already knew what I was in for. Honestly, anything is better than my old phone. The only thing I don't like about it? It's a little too big for my tastes. But it's actually lighter than my old phone, and I can appreciate that. 



Days 29 ~ 32: To Vehaass

 HOKKAYY. I totally did not upload these 2 nights ago, when I said I would......but you know what, I still did it. And that's what counts.

So as you should know by my previous post, I was in Vegas this week. I took some of the most uncreative / ugliest photos, but you know what........it's the thought that counts. Not that a lot of 'thought' went into taking these photos, but you know what........shut up.

Since I didn't have internet to upload my "photo-a-day", I'm going to mass upload the last 4 days. I know it sounds like I'm just posting random pics I took from my Vegas trip, but I honestly took each photo for that day, so ya know...

Day 29: Earl's 
After many recommendations and high praises from friends, I finally got to try Earl of Sandwich! This place is open 24hrs, how damn convenient for my always-hungry stomach. And get this, I had Earl's THREE times in the 3 days I was there. That's a sammich a day lol. What can I say? It was cheap, good, and always open. The first day (as pictured below) I ordered the Caprese sandwich. Caprese is one of my favorite dishes, and the sandwich was yumm. Earl's served me well. I actually skipped out on the opportunity to have Wicked Spoon, but opted for Earls. SAY WHAAAT? I know, it sound crazy, but I was busy gambling away my money. I mean--whatever. 

Day 30: Mystère
On the second night, we (as in my bf and I) went to see our first Cirque du Soleil! I was stoked. I have never seen one before, so I was excited to see this one. We opted to see Mystere over KÀ and Zarkana, because I heard Zarkana got "so-so" reviews, and KÀ was pretty damn expensive. Plus, Mystere was the one that started it all, so I think it's a good place to start. Needless to say, it was amaaazing! Tickets are obviously going to be pricey, but I think it's well worth it. I can't wait to see the other shows in Vegas now. My 'hit' list of shows to see in Vegas are: "La Reve", "Ka", "O", and "Absinthe". These are the ones I want to see the most anyway.

Day 31: Payard's Macaroons
The last time I went to Vegas, I stayed at Caesar's Palace, and they had this confectionery store called "Paryard's". I wanted to try their macaroons but didn't have the chance to last time. I dared not pass by that chance again. Are macaroons a ridiculously expensive, over-hyped, French dessert? Yes. But they taste interesting and they look pretty. I don't really think there needs to be more of an excuse than that. 

Day 32: A stroll under pretty lights and fake skies
On the last day, we walked around Miracle Mile and looked for a place to eat. We ended up having Earl's LAWLLL. Yeah, I dunno. Also we spent $17 at the Sugar Factory. WTF. Never again. It's not even that good of candy! We could've gotten some more of those posh macaroons with $17. But you know what.........that's okay. Because it's Vegas. Anyway, as I was desperately trying to find a nice photo to snap for that day, I almost gave up hope. I didn't see anything that interesting that could highlight the day. But then we came across this seafood restaurant area with nice, romantic lighting. It wasn't the best capture, but I thought the colors and mood of the area really captured the 'feeling', and that's close enough.

Extra: Bath time!
We stayed at Planet Hollywood and the bathroom was so spacious and awesome. It had this deep bathtub in there that I used many, many, times. It may not seem overly luxurious or even that "special", but honestly, compared to standard bathtubs, this thing was awesome okay. I love taking baths. I think it's soothing, relaxing, and feels oh so good. I'm pretty sure I used this thing every night, at least twice a night. I didn't want to post this photo at first, because I hate it. The lighting in the bathroom was really dim, and I hate using flash on my camera because the quality is terribad. But you know what, I couldn't just NOT blog about this bathtub. It was a big part of my Vegas stay. Laugh as you may, it was amazing. I won't forget you bathtub. One day when I'm ballin, I will have you in my home.


I'm not dead and I didn't forget.

The last couple of weeks have been cuhraazay. Well, not really, but it's been eventful, to say the least. A friend of mine came to stay with us for a week, so I kind of got preoccupied with hanging out with people and whatnot. And on Monday we went to Vegas and I just got back today! I took a daily photo every day, thank you very much! But I didn't have internats in Vegas (minus my phone), so I haven't been able to upload them. I will batch upload them tonight, and NO I DID NOT CHEAT. lol. 

So no, I'm not dead and I didn't forget--this week. 
I did forget last week. lulz.


Day 25: Sparkle

I love stars, the color pink, and sparkly things.

Not much else to say about it.


Day 24: White coffee table

Let me just say that I really love my white coffee table. Initially I thought it would be a hassle to have because it's 'white' and well, it kinda is a hassle, but it's not so bad. Plus the white looks so clean and modern, I think anything can look elegant on top of it. I do end up cleaning this coffee table quite a bit though, mainly because my fat cat likes to throw his hair everywhere on top of it -__-, but it's relatively easy to clean so it's not a big deal either way. I spend quite a lot of time at this table.

I watch my TV shows here. I eat here. We have a freaking dining table but I still like eating here instead. I like to rest my foot here. I like to read my magazines here (because the lighting is the best). We just got the Wii-U, which I really just use as a big remote to Hulu plus. And in the middle of the night, I like to browse on my laptop in the living room, chillin on my couch. So yeah, this table has been proven to be quite useful and I think everyone needs a coffee table in the living room. Honestly, I lived most my life without such a thing, but having one is relaxing somehow. I have a little black tray for all my little necessary needs too; napkins, pens, and coasters of course. Underneath the table, I bought a little box thing that holds my magazines and some books. There's really no drawers or anything, but there's a lot of space underneath it. Overall, I love this table. It's not the fanciest table or the biggest, but it's just right for our humble little abode.

What's on your coffee table?


Day 23: Sodium fix

Haven't had ramen in a long time. We went to the Orochon ramen place in Burbank, which is really one of the only decent ramen places near us. It was okay, but I think I will always have high standards for ramen after eating at Shinsengumi and my ultimate favorite ramen joint, Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. You know, sometimes you just need a sodium fix, and ramen is the perfect solution.


Day 22: My baby

I was originally going to make a post about how messed up my face looks or something, as an April fools prank, but then I remembered how much I hate April Fool's day and opted to post about my cat instead.

There's not really much to say, this is my boy cat, Jax. He's a little rascal and I love him so much. He's a weirdo, just like his mama. His farts also stink like you wouldn't believe......

I love this picture because he looks like a child clinging onto his mom. I was actually forcing him there for the photo, but shhh....nobody has to know that.

Edited vs Unedited

As you can probably tell by looking through my blog, most of my photos are pretty heavily edited. I have a hard time really showing anyone my photos individually (hence, why I made this blog) because everyone has their "personal preference". Some people really hate the editing and some people really love it. It really just depends on your preference. It's funny because I know a few people who always think that there is a justified, "right" way of editing a photo or taking one for that matter. I call that "elitist" attitude. The fact is, it's really all subjective--as is with Art in general. Sure, there is a "right" way to do a photo composition and all that, but that's not what I'm about. I don't take photos and edit them because I'm trying to do it the "right" way. I enjoy editing my photos because I can control the 'atmosphere' and 'mood' of the photo to how I like it. With that said, I think with most photo-enthusiasts and photographers alike, whether a photo looks better "edited" or "unedited" has always been a heavy subject of debate. But I think it's important to shed light on the pros and cons of both forms.

First of all, the reason there is a 'debate' to begin with, is that a lot of photographers tend to think that if you have to heavily edit the shit out of your photos, your original photo probably sucks to begin with. It's the 'idea' that a good photograph will come out looking good as is, because the person who is taking the photograph probably has a good eye for composition.

Exhibit A: Here is a photo of a white flower that I took yesterday. At first glance, to the untrained eye, it probably looks pretty decent. But if you look at it for a little bit, you can start picking up a lot of flaws. For one, the photo is pretty dim. This was taken around 7pm, so it is naturally in kind of a dark and bad lighting. Secondly, this is a 'white' flower. White flowers are hard to capture in just one shot because details are easily lost in any kind of light. There's a few other little nitpicks that you can easily pick out, like how the flower doesn't seem to stand out much, probably because it's slightly out of focus.

Here's the flower edited with HDR toning so that it brings out the details of the pedals. Instantly, the photo looks much more detailed and interesting. It's a bit sharp in contrast, but it stands out. Now, some people might just leave it at this, risking backlash from those "elitists" I was talking about before. There's nothing "wrong" with this photo, because I'm sure you might be thinking "there is so much wrong with this photo, let me start counting off the ways", but the reality is, it's a 'style'. Is it "realistic"? No. So you should first ask yourself if that's what you're going for.

Personally, I'm not a fan of that look. I want my flower to look "realistic" here, so I edit it some more so that the pedals looks softer again, thus, making the image look a little more believable.

At this point, I just want to tweak the image so that it looks 'clean'. I added a little more 'warmth' to the flower, because naturally, the flower shouldn't look so pure 'white'. It's the subtle changes that really matter. Although it doesn't look like much has changed, if you look closer, you can tell that the background has less noise and the overall image looks a bit softer. 

Now, even still, some people could argue that the original photo looks better. And to that, I simply say, "to each his own...". 

So what is the point here? Sometimes you just take a really crappy photo! I mean, really. You have to consider the fact that not everyone is really a "photographer" just because they enjoy and like photography. You have to consider the fact that not everyone can take a really snazzy photo with just one shot. Sometimes, editing just makes the photo better because the original photo isn't that great. But the question here is, does that make that photo any better or worse than a really good non edited photo? 

I'm not trying to claim this is a "great" photo, right out of the camera, but I think it's kind of an interesting one. You want to pick out the thing that makes the photo most interesting. For me, it's the reflection of the Starbucks cup. Okay, so the photo composition is pretty good, but I for one can't stand the drab coloring and lighting. So then you focus on the most "interesting" part of the photo and try to enhance that and change the coloring to your liking.

This was a quick edit, just to get my point across....but I still want to point out some things that you can actually deem as "wrong" and needs fixing. For instance, the blue lighting behind the cup (which is actually the screen illumination from my Macbook) is having some posterization issues because I edited the color too much. But anyway, just putting that out there because THAT should not be that way and is not just a 'subjective' flaw. Anyway, see how the reflection of the cup looks a lot more 'moody'? It also gives the marble countertop a mysterious texture. Not much was edited besides the coloring and of course, brightening the cup so that the white looks crisp and sharp.

My point here? Sometimes you take an interesting photo with a good composition, but there really isn't much your camera can do for you in terms of the "color" and it just needs to be edited to give a better 'vibe'. The original photo may not be 'bad', but enhancing the colors on it can give it an even more interesting feel. 

For my last example, I want to show a photo that is completely unedited, straight out of the camera, that I thought was actually really good. The focused object is already so vibrant and colorful that it's not necessary to edit in any additional colors. The composition is interesting as it's taken from a very low angle. The background, although blurred, is also kind of interesting with its mini 'bokeh' effect. Lighting is not the 'best' as the day was gloomy and cloudless, but it kind of adds on to the 'feel' of the composition and it doesn't need much editing. This is a photo that I would not edit and leave as is. (huehue I made a pun)

HA! But I edited it anyway!! *evil laughter*
Which do you like better? 

My point here? Sometimes you have a good photo but you just want to edit it to your tastes. It doesn't always have to be about editing because you 'need' to, but sometimes it's just purely a "preference". As I stated at the very beginning, photography can be subjective, minus the technical stuff. 

So TL;DR, there is nothing wrong with editing a photograph, even if you edit it to oblivion, as long as you like it. Sure, it might be butt ugly to most people, but you know what, embrace what you create.