Left my soul in San Francisco...

@Uniqlo! Possibly my favorite store ever. 
 We took this cute bike ride from the Wharf to Ghiradelli square (because we were cold and lazy...)The guy on the bike must seriously be the buffest dude ever, riding people around hills on that thing! o_o I know this isn't a good picture of us, but the background is pretty. 
      The crazy Nordstrom at Union Square
  Union Square is quite possibly one of the best shopping places I've ever been to. Besides Vegas....but the difference is that I can actually afford stuff here. 
Look at that incline. Good lawd. SF should be called the city of 'work out addicts'.
One of the coolest things about the city is that from the top of the hills, you can see a lot of cool scenery. Here you can see the bay bridge

 I went to SF a few weeks ago with my boyfriend and met up with one of our friends Anthony. My boyfriend was actually there on business but decided to let me tag along because he knows how much I love SF :)and the last time I went I only had a few hours to really get a feel of the city. I knew I wanted to take a lot of pictures of scenery but I felt a bit weary because it was the first time I'd be taking pictures in the city without my DSLR :( My little point and shoot took some decent pictures at least. I'm no photographer, but one of my hobbies is taking pictures around cities. It's just incredibly relaxing and fun to do and I can seriously spend hours just taking random pictures in a city I'm not familiar with. I had a lot of fun just walking around the city with Anthony and visiting J-Town for the first time. And no SF trip would be complete without Bread Bowl! I know it's kind of overrated but there is something about eating seafood near the bay (as opposed to in LA...) I think atmospheres definitely influence the vibe of eating certain foods, even if you can eat them near where you live. 

[My little rant on public transit]
Since we were there for three days, I had the opportunity to check out SF's public transportation. Being as I'm from LA, and have thoroughly used the public transit here, I was really curious as to how it would be in SF. AND MY GOD. WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH LA??? I took the BART, Trolley, and MUNI for the first time and everything is just 100x's better than the pub transit in LA. Why is that?? I mean, LA is one of the biggest and busiest metropolitan cities in the USA. Yet they are so sub par with Norcal's transit system. I just don't understand that. What do I mean by SF's pub transit is better? It's faster,  cleaner, easier to understand, and more reliable. I didn't have a lick of trouble my first time getting from point A to point B. GET ON IT LOS ANGELES. /rant.

One of the things I tried to capture was the steepness of the city hills. I still cannot believe people decided to build a city on top of hills so steep! I would HATE to drive there. lol. God, while we were walking around, I felt like I was going to fall backwards in some parts of the city. I can see why people in SF are so fit. Incline like a mother-fcker. Over all, it was a nice little vacation away from the real world. I totally love the weather there too, even though it was cold asfck when I went. Can't wait to visit again!

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