Day 9: Apple: You want her for her looks, not her personality.

I currently have the Macbook pro, which I've had for over a year now. It's simple, doesn't lag, doesn't give me viruses, and generally, I've had no problems with it. I got it because I'm a graphic designer and I like the screen vibrancy on Macbooks as opposed to most of the commercially priced PC's. Not to mention, Macbooks look hella sleek and sexy. I hate the ugly bulking look of most PC laptops. And although I may be vain when it comes to technology, I am not really tech bias. Even though I own quite a few Apple things, I refused to buy an iPhone or take any interest in it for a long time. Not to totally sound hipster, but I just thought the iPhone was the most over-hyped product I've ever heard of. Most of my friends have iPhones and I've played with many of them. I was never impressed by one. I've stuck with Android since its inception in 2008 on the Google G1! I love the versatility and customization options on the Android so iPhones don't impress me there. But one thing I envy about iPhone users is a vain one, and that's the many cute cases you can get for your phone. Oh well, at least I won't be tempted to buy a shitload of cases. However, I do think the iPhone 5 is a really nice phone that has a nice camera on it, and that is also important to me. For my upcoming phone upgrade, I'm actually contemplating on the iPhone 5, but most likely will wait it out until the Galaxy S4 gets released.

Honestly, if Apple products were not visually pretty, do you think most people would be so hyped up about it? I think my Macbook is gorgeous, and I also think my previous first edition Macbook with its sleek edged, minimal lines and pure white body was a sight for sore eyes. I definitely have nothing but good things to say about the 'looks' of Apple products. I'm a minimalist whore in terms of design. But I do appreciate techy things in all forms and brands. As long as it does what I want it to do and looks 'decent', I'm happy with it.

I want to end this post with a random gif of Day[9], my favorite SC2 commentator doing an Immortal impression. (because it's "day 9!!" :D)

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