Day 7: Line Play

I've been obsessed with this stupid game called "Line Play". I mean seriously, the whole purpose of this game is to collect 'gems' so that you can buy more stuff. Like, literally that is all the game is about. You gain gems through mundane little tasks, like eating the same thing over and over again, and then you buy stuff you like. And the process of gaining gems is painstakingly dragging. It takes forever to make 1000 gems and most items are a good 1200+. Yet, the game targets people like me, who likes games like these because the graphics are so damn cute! Whyyyy. I think the people who made this app are geniuses. Did I mention you can spend actual money to buy gems? And honestly, buying one good item equals $1. ITS MADNESS.

I want to stop playing this game but then.......look how cute my character is!


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