Day 21: Mouse on Mouse

I'd be lying if I said that today's photo wasn't a "lazy" one. This weekend I've been chillin like a villian, and I really wasn't sure what I wanted to try in terms of an interesting photo capture for today, so I just decided to show off something I use quite literally, every single day: My Razer mouse and mousepad.

This is actually my second Razer DeathAdder. The first I got was about three years ago, and it was the first and only gaming mouse I've owned. Back in the days, I used to play a lot of shooter games, like CounterStrike Source and Left4Dead2. Those were the days before League of Legends, yes. But I knew I needed a better mouse than my dinky Gateway mouse that came with my desktop. I was tired of being called a "noob" in my games. I didn't consider myself a hardcore gamer, so investing $70 into a mouse was not something I was ever planning on doing. But I did. I finally told myself that I wanted a better mouse so I could make "head shots" and feel good about myself that I did so well in a video game. And you know what, this mouse is a beast. It fits perfectly into my hands. It's rather large, but it feels nice for me. Anyway, after three years, my mouse finally gave out on me and I was sad for about a week. I really didn't want to invest in another mouse. Even though I stopped playing shooters, I was playing a lot of League of Legends, and even though I don't need a good mouse to play LoL well, I still missed having my nice mouse. A few weeks later, my boyfriend bought me another DeathAdder for my birthday! Count on a gamer boyfriend to buy you gaming birthday gifts......but not a handbag???? BUT OF COURSE.

I love this mouse though. I know it's not the most expensive or best of the Razer mice, but I don't really care. It does what I want it to do and it feels great. Besides, I think if you need the best of the best in a gaming mouse, you probably just suck. LOL. jk. No, but really.

The mousepad I custom designed from this Chinese website. It took about a week to get to me, but the quality is super nice and it was only $10! I used Illustrator for the design and it is based off a T-shirt by Hellz Bellz. So I really take no real credit in the design. I just recreated it so I could blow it up for personal use. Plus I thought it was clever to have a mousepad with a 'mouse' on it. :B

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